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1971 Ford F-250

$ 8500

1971 Ford F-250 for Sale
1971 Ford F-250 for Sale1971 Ford F-250 for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear


Selling Grandpa’s Old Highboy- I’m the second owner of this clean 1971 Ford pickup truck.  It has only 92000 original miles!  Original paint is still shining!  Everything works great!  Even the old AM radio sounds good and takes you back to the days of drive-in theaters and Friday nights.   The engine runs strong, and doesn’t smoke.  The truck cruises down the freeway at 75 and is a blast to drive!-Original V8 FE Engine -4 Speed Manual Transmission -New 20” Rims and 40” Tires -CB Radio -Working AM Radio -Power Steering -Power Disc Brakes -4 Inch Skyjacker Spring Lift -New Shocks-Custom 3 Inch Suspension Lift-New Holley 4150 Carburetor  

The only rust on the truck was a small 1” hole in the lower front fenders.  Those spots have been cut out and patched with metal welded repair panels. (See Pics)
Located in Ogden Utah.  Feel free to ask any questions, or contact us to schedule a visit or to have your mechanic check it out.   
Happy Bidding!

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Sale price: $ 8500
Car location: Ogden, Utah, United States
Last update: 10.07.2018
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1971 Ford F-250
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