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Used 1971 Harley-Davidson Baja 100

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Seller Description

1971 Harley DavidsonAermacchiBaja MSR-100 “Competition Model”
NO RESERVE! Priced to sell!General Details:First two digits (MSR model) 8B; Next 5 digits (10000 and up); H for Harley Davidson; Last digit (Model Season) 0-1970, 1-1971Frame # 8B11163H1Engine # 8B11163H1Engine case # (matching) P51Carb: stock DeLLortto MB 24AFront wheel: 3.0 x 21Rear wheel: 3.50 x 18Original “Competition Only” sticker on the headtube
Only 1970 and 1971 had this particular black tank design with the checkered decal and white stripes. (see included NOS tank stickers)Introduction:Hello, and thanks for your interest in the 1971 Baja MSR-100. As you may know, the 1970 and 1971 MSR models were designated for “competition use” with “8B” serial numbers. This is nice running bike. Just rebuilt the top end and rebuilt the wheels in December, 2021. (Rode once before the snow came) Other than some items noted in the “general notes” section below, the bike is all stock 1971 Baja MSR-100.Desirable year for a very unique, collectible piece of motorcycle history. Price is fair for an MSR model if you look at what non-running/parts bikes go for (if you can find one) and restored bikes at the Mecum Auction in Las Vegas.This is the second 1971 Baja MSR 100 I have owned over the years, and my 7thoverall Aermacchi machine.Bidders, please read:Sold AS-ISWhat you see is what you get. No warranty.No implied warranty. No returns.
Ask questions!
Please do NOT bid if you do not have the $$ funds available.Bill of Sale only (these bikes never had titles).YOU arrange shipping within a reasonable time from purchase. Zip code for shipping is 60015
$500.00 Due within 24 hours ofwinning bid via Venmo or Zell
Full payment due within 3 days from winning bid.NOS/New Parts Installed (followed by Harley-Davidson part number, when applicable)*NOS parts sourced from Don at Charleston Custom Cycle in Illinois before he passed away.1.NOS name transfer decal (tank sticker) (included with sale) left side: 61771-702.NOS name transfer decal (tank sticker) (included with sale) right side: 61[hidden information].New Kenda Klassic front tire, new tube, new rim strip5.New Kenda Klassic rear tire, new tube, new rim strip6.

NOS front rim “Radaelli Made in Italy”: 43001-70M7.New rear rim (stamped “Italy” on the inside of the rim)8.NOS front brake cable: 45077-70M9.NOS sprocket: 35193-70M10.Original handlebars re-chromed: 56030-70M11.NOS U-bolt seats for handlebar (2): 45627-62P12.NOS cable adjust screw and nut on brake lever support (4 pieces): (2) 45162-68P, (2) 45164-61P13.NOS clutch clamp assembly: 38643-69P14.Seat re-covered with proper “no logo” seat cover (ordered from seller in Canada)15.NOS air cleaner: 29004-70M
17.New filter element (green UNI filter)18.New chrome air cleaner cover (nod to Jack Krizman)19.NOS crank seal on ignition side of the engine: 12019P20.NOS points: 29530-70M21.NOS condenser: 32726-65P22.NOS double ring piston (50.4 mm): 22053-70M23.NOS piston rings (2): 22473-70M24.NOS piston lock rings (2): 22582-67P25.NOS piston pin: 22585-70M26.Honed the cylinder27.NOS cylinder head gasket: 16763-70M28.New cylinder base gasket: 16776-70M29.NOS intake manifold gasket: 27066-68P30.NOS o-ring pawl carrier shaft: 12006P31.NOS drain plug gasket: 62096-64P32.New NGK Iridium spark plug33.NEW “CEV” kill button34.Stainless steel 5 mm engine case hardware35.NOS exhaust port gasket: 65833-68P36.NOS rear brake cable adjusting nut: 42267-68P37.NOS footrest bolt: 50971-68P38.NOS footrest nut and washer: 7015P; 7675PGeneral Notes:1.Unrestored gas tank.Shows wear & tear.See the dent in bottom left corner that is about the size of a quarter.There is another dent/recession on top of the tank where the white stripe comes down and meets the seat (left side).2.Unrestored front fender with original “Made in Italy by Aermacchi Harley Davidson” decal3.Fresh lower-end oil change4.All fasteners removed, cleaned, greased/oiled.Such as: remove, clean, grease swing arm pivot bolt.Greased axles. Oiled all cables (cable removed from sleeve)5.Each spoke and nipple removed, cleaned6.Does not have a 72-tooth overlay gear: 41484-70Ma.If you have ever ridden a Baja with one, you know why.7.Missing carb bowl gasket: 27510-61P8.The grips are period Italian Grand Prix9.The throttle assembly and cable are Made in England (off an old Triumph)10.The rear fender is from a 1972 Baja SR-100. Note the dents and the 3 holes for a tail-light.11.The air cleaner cover is chrome, a nod to the 1968 Jack Krizman prototype Baja.

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Motorcycle location: Deerfield, Illinois, United States
Last update: 2.02.2022
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1971 Harley-Davidson Baja 100
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