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1971 Harley-Davidson XLH

$ 3240

1971 Harley-Davidson XLH for Sale
1971 Harley-Davidson XLH for Sale1971 Harley-Davidson XLH for Sale
Engine Size (cc):833
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):Boat Tail
:“Good condition. Runs, rides and stops as it should. Starts at the push of a button.”
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1971 Harley XLH Sportster with rare boat tail and tank option. Starts right up with the push of a button and runs and rides great. Matching numbers and clean title.
After over five years in the Harley-Davidson Design Department, Willie G. Davidson was promoted to Vice President of Styling in 1969. The boat-tail design, one of his first, appeared as an option available on 1970 and 1971 XLCH and XLH Sportsters.Judging from the amazing array of new motorcycle designs that were hitting showrooms in the late 1960′s, drawing boards had to be alive with new ideas in the mid-1960′s, ready to be mocked up, studied and put into mass production. Willie G’s “boat-tail” took the then 12 year old Sportster design and gave it a twist, but not everyone liked it. As a $60 option, dealers tried it on some bikes, but most riders preferred the look of tried and true fender/seat set-up Sportsters were famous for. Though Willie yielded to two-up functionality in his design, maybe it was the visual imbalance the new long seat created; we like our motorcycles to look right, even if sometimes they are uncomfortable.

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Sale price: $ 3240
Motorcycle location: Ventura, California, United States
Last update: 7.12.2018
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1971 Harley-Davidson XLH
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