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1971 Pontiac Firebird Used 455L Manual

Exterior Color:Blue
Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:8
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Needs restoration Runs and drives Frame good”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This is a 1971 Pontiac Firebird with a 455 engine and Muncie 4 speed transmission. The car is a decent solid project car with some rust but solid rockers and front and rear frame rails. It starts and runs pretty decently. This is a complete car that is a worthy second generation Firebird project since they are pretty hard to find. Has some rust in the corners of the fenders, drivers floor pan and lower rear tailpanel. It has a Positraction rear axle, 455 Engine coded YC, Air conditioning, power steering and brakes. Please look over the pictures and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You can call us at [hidden information].
Information about 1971 Pontiac Firebird for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Firebird Pontiac Blue 455
Check out our other auctions.Camaro Specialties has been restoring 1[hidden information] Camaro investment cars and selling restoration parts for 1[hidden information] Camaros, Firebirds, Chevelles, Novas and GTO'sas well asproject carsfor over 30 years.We would also welcome inspection at our shop. We can assist you in transportation and loading too.Thanks for looking!

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Item Information

Item ID: 133598
Car location: East Aurora, New York, United States
Last update: 5.11.2019
Views: 85
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1971 Pontiac Firebird Used 455L Manual
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