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1971 Yamaha Other

$ 3500

1971 Yamaha Other for Sale
1971 Yamaha Other for Sale1971 Yamaha Other for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Always a Southern Calif. Bike+GREAT RUNNER=Very original+New Cosmetic Restoration+FRESH Engine (Brand New Crankshaft Bearing Seals Fresh Piston & Rings & Fresh Upper Rod bearing Gaskets etc etc & Her Stunning Brand New Cosmetic Restoration.She has Her ORIGINAL YAMAHA 1971 YAMAHA Ignition Key !!! + Foot peg Rubbers + Shifter Rubber & Factory Rims Spokes etc etcShe Has a Brand New High Quality "DID" Drive Chain + "ALL "SEVEN" BRAND NEW High Quality Control Cables & Brand New Restored "From the FRAME UP" Seat + BRAND NEW OLD OLD STOCK"HIGH QUALITY"Front & Rears TIRES & also Brand NEW TUBES !!! All New Custom "TWO PART URETHANE" STUNNING "Candy Pearl Tangerine" Professional Paint. & She was Cosmetically Restored nearly All the way down to Her Bare Frame Cosmetic restoration etc etc etc We are just today Completing Her Restoration Her Ignition & appears to Headlight Works Good.ORIGINAL YAMAHA 1971 Factory YAMAHA Ignition Key!+Foot peg Rubbers+Shifter Rubber+Factory Rims!”


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Seller description

Wed, Aug 19 at 5:02 PM
STUNNING GREAT Starting + GREAT RUNNING + Great Shifting & Great
Stopping Vintage Bike has "ONLY 1383 ORIGINAL MILES" On Her !!!PLEASE NOTE : WE ARE JUST NOW 8/19/2020 JUST  COMPLETING HER WONDERFUL & STUNNING Cosmetic Restoration & FRESH ENGINE.& YES ! She idles down Nicely & Runs & Shifts Very Smoothly !

bike has ALWAYS BEEN A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Bike !!! Which to collectors
Makes Her FAR MORE Desirable & Collectable (as we up till this year
typically get almost no rain
here at all, (for the last Twenty Years typically Only about 2 to 3 inches a year) ...& in
our particular area Most
of the time not even that much) & the Temperatures are most of the
time "A Museum like 65 - 75 the Majority of the year".

Please Check out Her BRAND
NEW Cosmetic Restoration+She has a FRESH FACTORY YAMAHA~1971 ENGINE (IE) She has a Brand New Upper Connecting Rod Bearing + Brand New
Crankshaft Main Bearing Seals + A almost Brand New Piston & Piston
Rings & YES ! She Starts + RUNS + Shifts & Stops GREAT! just
before putting her in Dry
storage~40years ago(last Tags=JANUARY1982)We Inspected her
TIRES+2NEW TUBES*She was one time re purposed as more a off road
bike,She has Her
Working Headlight+Taillight+TACHOMETER+SPEEDOMETER+Gen+Main Engine Wire
Present+Good Cond.Again,She has always been a Street /  Road Bike,She
has Her Original YAMAHA 1971 YAMAHA Factory Ignition Key I have not
spent anytime to get these items to work,as we are just now finishing up
her Beautiful Restoration But her Ignition definitely works in ALL
THREE Positions "OFF" + ON" & Night Time Head light Position"

I am currently running her on the Bikes Generator / Alternator (If you
think you may want to a Battery they are only about $25 with "FREE
Shipping" on ebay...Again the battery is not necessary to run Her head
light etc for Her.Lights Look Good & are Present & Her headlight
does work & is Functioning*Since this May end up as a VINTAGE
RACER*All our effort were
on Cosmetic restoration as Detailed below+Also,we cleaned+Flushed:Fuel
system W/Fresh Gas&She started right up!We
Cleaned+Clutch+Brakes & She has aFRESH ENGINE Rebuild "We
Disassembled+Inspected Her Piston+Rod+ALL NEW Crankshaft Main Bearing
Seals FRESH Cylinder Bore & Fresh Piston & FRESH Piston Rings
& we inspected Her Clutch & Resurfaced ALLof her Clutch Plates
Vintage CLASSIC Motorcycle !”
ENDUROs are WORLD Famous for their RELIABILITY,
DURABILITY, & for JUst BEING "FUN" She is definitely one of the All
Time Worlds Best
& Favorite Classic Vintage Japanese ENDURO's In Fact YAMAHA Started
Perfected the High Quality Japanese ENDURO for the Worlds PLEASURE !!!!
These DT-1's are famous for:  Always being a EASY to RIDE , SUPER FUN,
Go Most Anywhere
Bike ...for families ALL Around the World !!! When these bikes were
made ,There was No Other ENDURO Bike on EARTH ...that were as "FUN" +
LOVED and as
POPULAR & easy to keep running & Durable and Easy to get parts
for as the YAMAHA DT-1 250cc ENDURO ...Even the YAMAHA Dealers still
have parts for these INCREDIBLE YAMAHA DT1 ENDURO's  

ITEM and also PLEASE get permission from you Spouse, parents etc etc as
by bidding you are entering a Biding Contract.... Thank You in advance
for bidding responsibly > > > 

* PLEASE NOTE: I think this is a very Nice looking Bike in very Nice
Overall Condition...However, If you are looking for a Perfect Bike or a
Vintage Show or Concourse show bike etc etc please look elsewhere as I
feel this is just a Nice Looking & Great Running Bike that we are
selling at a Fraction ("WELL UNDER  HALF") of the Book value is for a
Nice Example of
one of these Original Series Wonderful YAMAHA DT-1 250 cc ENDURO's
if you are looking for a Great Looking "SUPER FUN" Go most Anywhere kind
of bike
..These DT-1's Are Famous For Doing that... However, If you are a Nit
Picker that can't be pleased & or are looking for a near Perfect or
High Point Concourse bike etc etc ...Please do everyone else Please do
every Reasonable Person involved in this auction a "HUGE" favor &
look elsewhere & Please save your money as what you think you are
looking for or think you have to have ...typically go for something
Closer to Around $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 Around here. However, If you have
Expectations this may be a Great opportunity to get a Very Nice &
SUPER FUN Great Running Bike for Peanuts that ...& it's value will
most likely Continue to Keep going Up & Up the Next few years ( "I
think these went up about 10+ PERCENT just this past year Alone" ! ! ! !
! ) as
these are Rapidly becoming Harder and Harder to find in reasonably Nice
condition like this Wonderful Bike..

Keep in Mind the cost of ownership and Cost of Maintenance for a Vintage Two Stroke
is a Very Small Fraction of what a four stroke would cost to own...These
bikes are SUPER SIMPLE (Engines have "3" main Moving parts and nearly all of it's Normal maintenance can be
done without any of the four strokes typical Specialized tools and the
level Skill required is also FAR less...I have a HUGE Collection of
Vintage Bikes and ALL are Air Cooled,  Two Strokes...For Just that same
Reason...Also, Parts are Very Available for these YAMAHA ENDUROs on ebay
and Many other sites & Even today the YAMAHA Dealers still sell Many of the the
parts for these WORLD CLASS MAGNIFICENT DT-1 ENDURO's !  !  !  ! 

Again, This
bike has ALWAYS BEEN A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Bike !!! Which to collectors
Makes Her FAR MORE Desirable & Collectable (as we up till this year
typically get almost no rain
here at all, (typically Only about 2 to 3 inches a year) ...& in
our particular area Most
of the time not even that much) & the Temperatures are most of the
time a Museum like 65 - 75 the Majority of the year. ......Again,These DT-1 ENDURO's are famous for:  Always being a High Quality, Super Simple To Maintain, Durable , RELIABLE
+ EASY TO RIDE , FUN, Go Most Any Where Bike ...for families Around the World !!!

* "Lucky You.. can be the First New Owner Since this Bike has Just had a
Beautiful Cosmetic Restoration" ... This Wonderful Bike Starts Super
Easy & Runs GREAT Her Clutch , Control cables & Brakes All work
Great ! I had the
Seat Professionally "Rebuilt from the Frame Up" and we dissembled this
wonderful Bike "Piece by Piece" & also Refinished most All of Her
Main Components and
reassembled her "by hand" ..."Piece by Piece". She has BOTH Front and
Rear almost "BRAND NEW" NOS HIGH QUALITY Dual Purpose Universal Style Tires !
Again, This
Magnificent Beauty Starts Great + Runs Amazing & Shifts Excellent
etc etc + all of her Control cables Brakes Etc Etc all seem to work
Great as Well.
Prior owner used her very rarely and after several years re-purposed
her for more off-road
use but, as you can see I re-installed all of her head lights etc again
and I have a "BRAND NEW" (Still in her box) Electrical Battery for her
as well ! It looks like her lights are all present & look to be in
good Shape. But, We have Just rebuilt much of her Engine and have not
spent time with the lights But, They seem to work (We are Just today
Completing Her Restoration & Her headlight & Ignition switch etc
seems to be working GREAT ! ... She does not have a battery therefore 
her  engine running to
check out the lights with the Battery out therefore
I have not spent any time to figure out if the lights
are working or not etc.

 * * Please Note * * Very Recently (December 2019)
this auctions bikes' cousins (IE) that were also built by us side by
side to this auctions bike) the other
Two of our bikes a Vintage Racing  1978 RM 250 SUZUKI (Yellow)  & also our
73 Tribute Vintage Racing ELSINORE
CR 250 (Green / Aluminum) we Displayed at the "WORLDS LARGEST"
SHOW" (the Los Angeles Cycle World / Progressive Motorcycle Show, (Los
California Area) Our "Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Clubs" Booth
earlier (December 6, 7 & 8th prior years. Look to the right of
the 3rd pictures which shows a Local Los Angeles TV News Crew
interviewing Our V.J.M.C. Clubs President (in the Red & White Shirt)
the Shows Opening day ! ! ! * * *PLEASE NOTE:  Over the last TEN years we
have shown ~"THIRTY" Vintage Motorcycles in the V.J.M.C. Booth At This Show Alone !!!! 

Item information

Sale price: $ 3500
Motorcycle location: Lakewood, California, United States
Last update: 7.09.2020
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1971 Yamaha Other
Current customer rating: 3 out of 5 based on 5 votes

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