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1972 Chevrolet Blazer Used

$ 32000

Number of Cylinders:8
Vehicle Title:Clean
:“This is a running driving complete Blazer that is mostly original.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Here we have this nice little 1972 Chevrolet Blazer for your consideration. This K5 has only had 3 owners including myself since new. The 2nd owner before me owned the truck for over 30 years and knew the original owners quite well. The 95,720 miles showing on the odometer was reassured to me to be accurate. There are receipts in the glove box going back a long way also showing mileage. It had been off the road about 17 years when I purchased it.This K5 is what you would call a "surviver" from many different perspectives. 97% of the Hugger orange paint is original to the truck. The only rust that was in this Blazer was on the drivers side rocker panel, a sliver of the kick panel. and on the inner rocker panel area where the floor meets the rocker and kick panel. Also the passenger rocker panel and a sliver of the kick panel. I properly repaired all of the corrosion damage to where there will never be any problems again. The little rust that there was was cut out and new metal was welded in. The beauty of these trucks is there are patch panels available for every need on these. Everything was acid treated, seam sealed, primered, painted and clear coated. I have pictures of the floors throughout before the carpet went in. Ive owned well over 150 69-72 K5's and have been building them for years and years so I know them very well inside and out. The drivers side door had some bubbles starting in the rear bottom corner so I also fixed that and blended in a little paint. Besides that nothing else has been painted. Both quarters are 100% rock solid and have never been rusted. When you look inside of the rear wheel wells forward, where they like to rust, it's rock solid. No rust or bubbles or patch panels anywhere. Both doors are completely solid, both fenders are rust free, the core support, battery box etc. all good. The windshield frame is 100% rust free as well. I had the windshield out and the top off and everything is perfect.
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The rear cargo floor has never been rusted anywhere front to rear. Nor have the wheel wells. Of course the rocker boxes, frame, cab mounts etc. are all excellent. There are a few dings here and there, nothing big. Overall this Blazer is extremely straight for being 50 years old almost. The pictures don't do the body justice at all. The condition of the exterior looks like what most of these looked like by probably 1982. It's survived very well.During the resurrection of this thing, I took the entire front clip off, doors, top, all of the interior etc out to properly clean and replace rockers etc. All panels were buffed using a 3M system consisting of 4 different pads and 3 different compounds resulting in an amazing shine of the 50 year old paint job. No its not been clear coated or any of that. It's how it left the GM plant.The gentleman that owned this truck prior to me took very good care of it. He maintained it and kept it clean and indoors which really made a huge difference in it's survival. The complete grille is all original and has one tiny little ding the size of a pencil eraser. All factory rivets are still in place. The bumpers are straight and clean, all emblems, lenses, mirrors, etc. are all original GM. This truck is not full of Chinese LMC junk. If you want a restored one, there are plenty out there, They are only this original once! If there were parts that had damage, I replaced them with excellent originals from my collection.I did replace things that absolutely needed it. I installed all new black ACC Molded carpet front to back, had the seats completely rebuilt by a local upholstery shop that has been in business for over 50 years. They came out beautiful. $1,600 worth. I also replaced the floor mats with a set of 4 original style mats available through GM. The dash pad and door panels, sun visors, and most everything else inside of the Blazer is original to the truck. The dash pad has a tiny little crack about 1/2" long. Thats it. I went through the gauge cluster, cleaned it all up, replaced all bulbs and made sure everything is in proper working order. The speedometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure, water temp, and battery gauges all work proper. The fuel gauge sending unit in the tank is NOS GM. I replaced the turn signal canceling switch, all lights work thought the truck including the reverse lights. I replaced the defrost ducts with new, new windshield and seal, new push on style door opening weather strips. All of the top seals and gaskets are new throughout. The windshield wipers work on both speeds. New original style wiper blades. There is an old aftermarket delay wiper system installed in the Blazer as well. The switch can be seen mounted on the gauge cluster. It's very cool and will be handy in the rain!!I replaced all of the tie rod ends, drag link, all 4 shocks are new Monroe, new Warn premium hubs, wheel bearings, brake pads, shoes, wheel cylinders etc. Five Brand new BF Goodrich All Terrain TA KO 2 tires in 32x11.50x15 mounted on 5 new US Mag slotted mag style wheels. They look really nice and are totally era correct. Everyone seems to love the combo thats seen the truck in person. There is a Hickey tire carrier rack mounted on the rear of the Blazer as seen in the pictures. I'm sure it's been there since the truck was about new. I removed it and had it sandblasted and powder coated. Its adjusted properly and opens and closes easily.I also had new dual exhaust installed with turbo mufflers and aluminized pipe. It sounds as good as it looks. New AC delco battery, all original seatbelts are in place and in good working order.The engine is the original engine to the truck. It's a 350 4 bbl quadrajet, 4 speed manual transmission, NP205 case, Dana 44 front axle and 12 bolt rear end. I went through and replaced things like belts, all hoses, new AC plugs, spark plug wires, I routed them in the proper location, new points, cap rotor, all oils, coolant have been replaced, all filters, some gaskets etc. The inside of the engine is very clean and not full of sludge. It starts and runs as it should. Doesn't smoke or leak oil. I don't have any documents on prior rebuilds. The previous owner told me that he had the heads rebuilt at one point and had hardened seats and new valves installed. I completely disassembled the quadrajet, soaked it and built it up.Everything under the hood is dead bone stock. Anything that was missing, I replaced from my huge collection of parts I have for these trucks. Everything from the heat risers, oil fill tube, air cleaned etc. Its all there. Nothing under the hood or anywhere else has been "Krylon" painted. No spray paint or any of that anywhere on the truck. It's all how it left the factory so many years ago. They are only this way one time!!The top was repainted in the original egg shell white color after being extensively cleaned. All new window seals etc were all installed. There was no damage to the top to begin with, just thin paint. The hatch is in excellent shape as well with no cracks or previous damage. I could go on and on but don't want to bore everyone more than I have already.If you are looking for a very clean tight solid Blazer, this might be what your looking for. Most have been rusted out and repainted 5 different times by now. All this one needs is your license plates. The drivers side arm rest is not on in the pictures but is now. The only thing thats really missing is the speaker that hangs from the middle of the dash for the radio. Unfortunately it was gone when I got the truck and I don't have one. The radio that was in it was an old tape deck probably from the 80's. I had an NOS AM radio stashed away and decided this was a good home for it.I am happy to take as many pictures or videos of this thing that anyone would like. I know I'm leaving out info but again feel free to ask anything. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs if thats the rout you decide to go. I can recommend a couple of good shippers that I've used for years. They are based out of a city here in Montana. He charges me $1.00 a loaded mile. My zip code is 59044. You can google distance from me to you for an accurate shipping quote.I prefer wire transfers or cash in hand. All vin numbers on the drivers door sticker, vin tag, frame, SPID, and title all match. The Blazer has about 60 miles on all of the work performed. It's stored indoors and won't be driven anymore this year weather it's sold or not.This particular Blazer did not come with a console from the factory. There are no holes in the floor where one was ever mounted. Thats something the new owner can easily add if desired.The horn works as it should, I replaced the door glass felt's, the window regulators were serviced, tailgate is rust free and is basically in perfect condition inside and out. Not all beat up like a lot of them. If someone would like to own this thing, make an offer! its for sale elsewhere.Thanks

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Item ID: 188276
Sale price: $ 32000
Car location: Laurel, Montana, United States
Last update: 23.10.2020
Views: 22
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1972 Chevrolet Blazer Used
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