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Used 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT Sedan Manual Yellow Fire Genuine

Body Type:Sedan
For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Engine Number:JG33NG18320K
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Seller Description

1972 Ford Falcon XA GT Sedan Manual
Yellow Fire Genuine.

Purchased June 1990 87,200 miles
(original unconfirmed), has travelled 23,000 miles since, currently
10,200 miles, has always been garaged.
Have Ford verification letter.
Model JG33MJ April 1972
Body 18238 GT 4 door sedan
Serial 70112
Engine T 351 4V import
Transmission L 4 speed toploader
Paint Q Yellow Fire (258 sedans in
this colour)
Trim B Black vinyl
03 Seat belts
11 Laminated windscreen
46 Power operated windows
72 Radio stereo tape player
87 Tinted side and rear windows.
After purchase fitted new twin plate
clutch, long range 28 gallon genuine (XB) fuel tank and front seats
also retrimmed as per original.
Since then new radiator fitted,
original 9” diff rebuilt with new crown and pinion 3.5 ratio &
speedo drive
Engine not matching numbers, has been
replaced by a later produced (August 1973) XA GT Yellow Fire sedan
351C 4V locally made.
Have Ford verification letter for this
Engine reconditioned / tuned to 390hp
(260hp at rear wheels) Dec 2011, travelled 1900 miles since.
Pacemaker extractors & 2 1/2”
exhaust also fitted after engine work.
Have engine receipts and dyno printout.
4speed top loader was a little notchy
when first purchased and is now more noticeable, especially when cold
and selecting 2nd gear.
Custom made special offset 15 x 10”
rear and 15 x 8” front chrome 12 slot wheels, ROH centres Ford USA
rims, 275 rear 245 front 50 series BF Goodrich tyres
Also have two spare front tyres and an
older set 14 x 8” 12 slot wheels, not original , with tyres.
Interior – headlining, rear seats,
dash original. New carpet and front seats retrimmed.
GPS speedo fitted as original is not
working consistently, only showing when over 50mph
Kill switch fitted.
Power windows are fitted to front only,
passenger side not working.
The car has had the rear doors replaced
at some stage with standard wind up windows, the switches shown are
for looks only and are of course not connected..
I do have a set of Fairmont doors,
front and rear, with the motors fitted. I believe these are fully
functional. These will be included with the sale.
Like all near 50 year old Falcons, the
body is less than perfect, signs of rust in the usual places. I
believe it was resprayed a couple of years before my purchase.
Signs of rust -
Rear wheel arches
Rear Вј panels, lower sections
Tail light panel
Boot surround
Bottom of rear passenger door
Roof drains
Some paint peel on front guard and
crows foot on roof near windscreen, dent in drivers rear 1/4 panel.
Unfortunately the previous owner has
ground back the rear wheel arch lips, instead of rolling it up &
under and this has created a potential rust area (rust is evident).
Bonnet has been resprayed to original in 1995 .
Front grille has crack near passenger
driving light.
See more detailed photos of body at
Viewing by appointment only, will
request drivers licence information, car stored at Sale
Cannot be driven on road as
registration and insurance has expired.
Offered with no registration or RWC,
personal plates not included.
Bank cheque, direct deposit or cash
Pick up from Sale 3850.
More photos at

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Item Information

Item ID: 92816
Car location: Sale, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 17.11.2018
Views: 104
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1972 Ford Falcon XA GT Sedan Manual Yellow Fire Genuine
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