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1972 Honda ATC90 Used

Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Original Vintage Machine!”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

RAREVintage1972ATC90 (US90)
This is an all original and rare find ATC90 in Parrot Green!
Our US90 (ATC90K2) for sale starts up and runs well. It shifts through all gears smoothly, and rides good even with the old original to the 70s tires.
Although most of these listed have broken body work, this ATC has very nice for their age original plastics and only a few dents in the original tank. Please see all photos and message us for videos of it running.
Shipping and payment costs are at the expense of the buyer, although we can gladly get you a shipping quote if you send us a message with your zip code! Please message or call with questions [hidden information]. Subject to local sale, so listing may end before auction time is over.
Other Honda US90 info: This original Honda US90, a three-wheeler with a flotation tire and wheel design then used on some American made six-wheel machines, was the answer.Originally dubbed the US90 due to America being its first market, the machine soon became the ATC90; the All Terrain Cycle. It borrowed the engine/ transmission unit from a Honda Trail 90, an 89cc OHC single with a dual range transmission, but used rope starting. The frame was pressed steel with rigid tubular forks and a live rear axle also with no suspension. The cushy tires absorbed a lot of surfaces irregularities and was easier on trails than knobbies. Where most bodywork on today’s ATVs is polypropylene, the ATC90 used a steel fuel tank and front fender and a fragile fiberglass seat/fender unit. Summer Yellow, Bright Red, Aquarius Blue and Parrot Green were sporty new color offerings; it was the 70’s.
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Item Information

Item ID: 160646
Motorcycle location: Bethany, Oklahoma, United States
Last update: 3.06.2020
Views: 191
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1972 Honda ATC90 Used
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