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1972 Mini Classic Mini

$ 10000

1972 Mini Classic Mini for Sale
1972 Mini Classic Mini for Sale1972 Mini Classic Mini for Sale
Number of Cylinders:4
Model:Classic Mini
Vehicle Title:Clear
Exterior Color:Green
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Folks , here is a beautiful Classic Mini that needs nothing.   No oil leak, no scratches or dings.  Just needs to be driven.  Garaged always.   I imported this Car from New Zealand about 15 yrs ago and have babied it all along.  A real head turner.    I am getting up in age and kids are grown and so reluctantly , I am putting it up for sale.     I wouldn’t buy it as a primary car , but as a toy to be driven around town.   I live in LA  and traffic is bad , and so I don’t drive it on the freeway that much, although  I have taken it work many times ( 23 miles ) and find families taking pictures in front of the car , in the parking lot.  Not a big  gap between the starting price and reserve.  I will assist the buyer in shipping.   $1000.00 deposit required within 24 hours and the balance to be paid within a week.   Serious buyers only please.  Thank you for looking . 

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Sale price: $ 10000
Car location: Walnut, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 25.07.2018
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1972 Mini Classic Mini
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