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1972 Yamaha

Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Amazingly clean and original 1972 Yamaha JT1 60 MINI ENDURO. In 2021 it'll be 50 Years Old! Runs perfectly, shifts smoothly and everything works as it should. Tires are old and cracking but still work. Old weld repair on License Plate bracket, small flat dent on oil tank that should suction out, not original paint on front fender. BOS will be provided.”
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Seller Description

This Mini Bike runs Excellent! Built January of 1972. It revs out and pulls Well for being a 60 and nearly 50 years old! With only 2191 miles! No smoke (other than 2 stroke oil injector), No Weird Noises, and no known problems. Relive your childhood memories with this Cool Yamaha Time Machine! Paint is all original except for the front fender (easy to replace if you like), looks like there is a very old weld repair on the license plate bracket but hard to even notice, Bars are straight and has all original levers, grips, wires, controls, etc. 4 speed transmission shifts all gears smoothly as it should. The seat has been recovered with a funky black cover but they make a reproduction cover that can be easily installed. There are no cracks on the cases or covers, all wheel bearings are tight, has all original wiring harness, steering stops aren't broken.
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This is just a Very Clean Unrestored example of the JT1 and VERY hard to find one that hasn't been cobbled together or a nut - bolt restoration. Ride it, display it or do the full restoration - it won't be hard. The JT1 is only getting more collectible as the years go by. Don't wait till the big LV auction, get this one for half the January price while it lasts. There is no paper with this Mini, I'll provide a BOS.

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Item Information

Item ID: 182226
Motorcycle location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Last update: 18.09.2020
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1972 Yamaha
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