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1972 Yamaha DT1 250cc ENDURO Used 250L

Exterior Color:Custom Candy Pearl Tangerine
Engine Size (cc):250
Model:DT1 250cc ENDURO
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):YAMAHA DT1 250 ENDURO
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“STUNNING+GREAT Running+Low Hour+Was DRY STORED~30+Years+Now completing Her BRAND NEW Restoration (IE)Cosmetic Restoration(as Detailed below)"YOU"can be the LUCKY Very First Owner!Seat was REBUILT FROM THE FRAME UP~New QUALITY DRIVE CHAIN+2Brand New TIRES+Tubes+NewLevers+Peg Rubbers*Updated Air Cleaner element*ForkTubes&Shocks refinished+ORIGINAL Factory YAMAHA SparkArrestor Exhaust+Brand New Custom 1971 Style Paint+71'Graphics etc+Nearly ALL Main Components were removed~to her Bare Frame then Cleaned,Refinished&Or Repainted,Her ORIGINAL YAMAHA Wheels LOOK GREAT+Gearbox+Brakes+Clutch ALL Work GREAT!Please Note.Not intended tobe a Concourse Bike*Prior owner repurposed Her for off road I have reinstalled her street gear.But, I have not electrically etc.reconnect items as So Many of these DT1s are used for Vintage"Flat Track+MX"Racing_So I will leave final connections to the new owner to decide if he wants to make Street equipt.functional again.Shes a Wonderful Looking+Great Running Bike !”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

..........." & YES ! She has "Matching" Engine & Frame V.I.N Serial Numbers "
This Particular Bike is the VERY BEST Of ALL WORLDS ! 1968-71
Paint Scheme + Striping & Tank Style Badges + Graphics..& 1972 is the First
year Ever "FAR SUPERIOR".. "Self Tuning" Reed Fuel Induction" ! (IE) ...IMPROVED POWER +Enhanced Low & High Speed Running + Little or No Loading Up = FAR LESS Spark Plug Fouling + Less Over Heating + Smoother Idling etc. etc. ...(IE) this is a 1972 YAMAHA DT1 Enduro
250 made to look ~like FAR More Beautiful 1971 DT1 & Preform Far Better due to Her
Original 1972 YAMAHA Factory "First Year" Ever SUPERIOR DT1 Reed Induction Engine ! ! ! (Prior to 1972 all prior YAMAHA ENDURO's were NOT equipt with reed Induction engines yet !
The YAMAHA 250 DT-1
ENDURO is the Bike that Started the Whole ENDURO Legacy !!! (YAMAHA is the Worlds Most Successful "Dual Purpose Dirt
Street" innovator "All in One" Motorcycle Revolution Here in America & Around
the World ! ! ! The
DURABILITY, & SHE is definitely one of the All Time Worlds Best
& Favorite Classic Vintage ENDURO's In Fact Yamaha not only Started
but Most Enthusiasts feel they also Perfected the High Quality Japanese
ENDURO for the Worlds Recreational PLEASURE !!!!
These DT-1's are famous for: Always being a EASY, FUN, Durable, Relatively Inexpensive & Very Easy to Maintain & Best of all a... "Go Most Anywhere
FUN Bike" ...for families Around the World !!!
1972 Beauty ... is the last of the Very First Generation of the 1[hidden information] YAMAHA DT1 250 ENDURO Which a
Nice Example Value Guides for up to $6,000.00 a nice example of a 1972 Dt1 value guides for aprox. $5,000.00 So as you can
see this Beauty is a BARGAIN for the Ridiculously Fair price that I have
her listed for a Fraction of what my Very Fair Buy it now price is & with this bike you get "The Very Best of Both Worlds Superior 1971' looks & the First year ever available 1972' Vastly Superior Reed Induction engine ! ! ! ....Also,
Please keep in mind that the next generation 1973 & newer 73-75 YAMAHA 250 DT-1
ENDURO's typically are Worth ( Value Guide) "FAR LESS" (IE) 1973-75 DT-1 "Even in Excellent
condition can NADA Value Guide for many times about HALF as Much as a
first Edition 1[hidden information] YAMAHA 250 ENDURO like this" ! ! ! !
bike has ALWAYS BEEN A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Bike !!! Which to collectors
makes her FAR More Desirable & Collectable.. as we typically get almost no rain
here at all (On Average Only a couple of inches a year ...& in our area Most
of the time not even that much)
DT-1's are famous for: Always being a High Quality, Durable , RELIABLE
+ EASY to Ride & Maintain, A Super FUN, Go Most Anywhere Bike ...for families Around the World !!!*
* Lucky You...can be the First New Owner Since this Bike has Just had a
Beautiful Cosmetic Restoration ... This Wonderful Bike Starts Super
Easy & Runs GREAT Her Clutch & Brakes All work Great ! I had Her
Seat Professionally "Rebuilt ..."From the Frame Up" and we dissembled
wonderful Bike (IE) engine, frame, forks, Oil tank, gas Tank,
Carburetor, Rear Fender & Wheels etc etc etc from her frame & also Refinished
nearly All of her Main Components Cleaned, Refinished and Reassembled
her "by hand" ..."piece by Piece". She has BOTH "BRAND NEW" TIRES ..TWO BRAND NEW
Universal Style reissue TIRES+ TWO Brand New TUBES...!
Magnificent Beauty Starts Great + Runs Amazing & Shifts Excellent
etc etc + Her Clutch Grips & Releases GREAT + Her Control Cables Brand New Clutch & Brake Levers Brand New foot peg rubbers Etc Etc all work
Great as Well.Her
Prior owner had a cabin & re-purposed her for more off-road
trail use Luckily he was kind enough to have saved her street gear in a box for you can see I
re-installed all of her Street gear head lights, Tail Lights, Horn, head light, Main Engine & the bulk of her Main lighting Wire loom, License plate, Reflectors, Factory Yamaha Battery Box, Her Original YAMAHA Air Cleaner Box,Ignition switch with Original factory "KEY" ! ! !...My friend & I During Her Cosmetic Restoration installed a almost Brand New Ignition Stator + Points + Condenser on Her etc etc etc etc again
and I will include a Brand New Zener Diode Rectifier Voltage Regulator & DC
Rectifier (FAR SUPERIOR to the original 50 year older style rectifier)
for her
as well ! It looks like her lights are all present & look to be in
Very Good is her Original .Again, I have just recently installed a
Brand New YAMAHA Ignition Stator points etc etc which also her
Lighting Generator. Keep in mind I have not spent any time to electrically etc. connect the lights etc so they are not
functioning at this time. I will leave that to the new owner to decide if he wants these street items to be connected & functional as So Many of these DT-1s end up as Vintage Flat tracking & or Moto Cross Racing bikes...
* "PLEASE READ * BEFORE BIDDING" * * & Please Bid Responsibly ..In
fairness of everyone involved in this auction..."As Ebay Recommends" ..
Please, "Do Not Bid" Until 'ALL of Your QUESTIONS have been Answered Any
and any & ALL Inspections have been preformed" etc. are made to your
Satisfaction and any & ALL Information has been Gained from your
Research" that YOU are Totally Comfortable & can bid responsibly (IE) ALL of this Needs
to be Done "LONG BEFORE YOU BID" on this Wonderful1972 DT-1 ENDURO 250cc YAMAHA...If
You live fairly Locally in southern Calif etc. & are a Serious buyer (Please No Tire kickers & Please No "Lookie, Lou's"
Please)..I invite You to.. "Please come by & see this AMAZING Bike
"BEFORE YOU BID" ...Again, "If you live fairly Close & you are a
serious Buyer ..I Invite you to Please Come By & Check her Out"
"BEFORE YOU BID" ...As this item requires a 275 dollar "NON"
refundable Good Faith Deposit...& As Ebay will tell you "Your Bid is
a Legal & Biding Contract & should be taken Seriously"
in this or any auction.... Thank You for Reading this...
* * * I am in the process of losing my adjacent Vintage Bike Storage area ...Over the
last several Months.. SEVERAL of My Personal Collection bikes Have been
sold off to Several MOVIE & Commercial FILM PRODUCERS ...Several
Others have been Sold to a couple of Museums including 3 Vintage Race
Bikes went to the WORLDS LARGEST Motorcycle RACING MUSEUM.."The
MOTO-ARMAMENT MUSEUM " with Well Over 700 Racing Motorcycles. ...& A
few other of my Bikes went to Large Local Southern California M/C
Collectors (IE) One that I Sold 3 Bikes to last Year Is a Super Nice
Gentleman & Also, A GREAT Friend of " JAY LENO's " ..He & His "HUGE"
Man Cave" Work Shop were on "JAY LENO's GARAGE" SHOW, Last year ! ! !
& He has The MOST INCREDIBLE "MAN CAVE Shop" I have Ever Seen in my
70+ years on this Planet (By a factor of TEN !)......From
1970-75 I was a Technical Editor for "CYCLE NEWS " & wrote 15 Three
to Four Page Tech Articals..When "CYCLE NEWS" was the Largest M/C
Publication on Earth. My Oldest & Very Best Friend & Fellow Racer Mr Mike Vils (Do Yourself a Favor & Look up Mike Vils on your Computer) Mike, Painted all of the YAMAHA
International Factory Works & Road Race Bikes ~1[hidden information]....& I was a
Sponsored Racer for BULTACO 1969-74...I Believe in achievable Goals
& Therefore, "NOT being a Nit Picker" I have never attempted or
wanted to make anything approaching a 100% Original Concourse bike (IE)
as you can tell from this auctions bike.. "I only try to Make Very
Interesting Vintage: Race (& a few street) Bikes" make these
Amazing + Historic 1950's + 1960's & 1970's Bikes to be as interesting as I can
reasonably make them....So, if you are looking for a 100%
Bone Stock Concourse bike Please do everyone involved in this auction a
Big Favor & Please look elsewhere. My Bikes are Nice but as the
saying goes ..."Very Few things in Life are Really Ever PERFECT ! ..I
just Restore bikes to make sure they stay around a Lot Longer & Are
Appreciated More Fully & Hopefully they will never become instinct,
disappear or ever be a part of a Landfill I think of Vintage Race Bikes
as "FUNCTIONAL ART" & Beyond that.. a Very Important Part of All of
Our Very Best Past Lives & Life Experiences .... * * *
* * Please Note * * for Five Years (December 2010 Up to nearly 2016)
We have had FIFTEEN of Our Bikes
Displayed at the "WORLDS LARGEST"
SHOW" (the Los Angeles Cycle World / Progressive Motorcycle Show, (Los
California Area) Our "Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Clubs" Booth
earlier,. Look to the right of
the 5rd pictures which shows a Local Los Angeles TV News Crew
interviewing Our V.J.M.C. Clubs President (in the Red & White Shirt)
the Shows Opening day ! ! ! Shown at this event are SOME OF this
auctions bikes' cousins (IE) that were also built by us side by
side to this auctions bike) the other
Two of our bikes
>> a Vintage Racing First Year Ever 1969 YAMAHA 360 MX, a Twin
305 SUZUKI , also 1978 RM 250 SUZUKI (Yellow) & also our
1973 Tribute Vintage Racing ELSINORE
CR 250 (Green / Aluminum).
* * *PLEASE NOTE: Over the last three years we
have shown "EIGHT" Vintage Motorcycles in the V.J.M.C. Booth At This Show Alone !!!!
PLEASE NOTE:Above are 6 Pictures are "NOT" of this auctions bike but are
of this bikes 4 cousins (IE) (one =this auction's bikes Twin 1978 RM 250
Brother) (IE) as above we also built these two other bikes we also
built &
cosmetically restored our other Vintage Racing: the (Yellow) 1978 SUZUKI RM 250's
& the (Aluminum & Green) Vintage CR Elsinore 250 Vintage Race
(Dec. 2013) we Displayed at the "WORLDS LARGEST" MOTORCYCLE
SHOW" (the Cycle World / Progressive Motorcycle Show, (Los Angeles,
California area) Our "Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Clubs" Booth
earlier. Also, The White & Black Suzuki
Road Racer at the end of he row next to our VJMC clubs sign (3 bikes to
the right of our yellow 250 RM Suzuki)... was one of two bikes of it's
Exact type
in Existence (a 700ccSquare 4 "Two Stroke" w/ 4 Rotary Valves..Yep ! She
is a BREAST ! ) and I was told by most everyone there that she was
much "Priceless" ! The two Bikes in between ours & this were two 4
Cylinder "Two Stroke" YAMAHA a Four Cylinder 2 stroke (Rocket Ship FAST)..GP 500 & also Kenny Roberts like GP 700 like my Hero the
GREAT Kenny Roberts became a WORLD CHAMPION on !!!
PLEASE NOTE: Paper work:Here
is some More GREAT
NEWS ! ...I will be including the California DMV Computer Print out which
shows & also proves that this wonderful bike is Clear & Clean of any and all back fees
(IE) NO Back License fee's + NO Back Taxes + NO Back penalties etc etc
etc. I will provide a ((NOTARIZED) "DMV Form
(Bill of Sale equiv.) from myself to you the new owner.. which is what you will need to re register this bike for street use here in California & from what
I hear in neighboring states, as it is what you would need to
re-license Her here in California for street use &
what you should need to re-License this Please note this is not required if your plans for this Vintage dual sport bike are to Vintage
Moto-Cross or to Vintage Flat track etc Race her here in California if you live outside of
California. ... I would check with your states requirements Long before You bid on this item...Again, If you just
want to Vintage Race this bike... the DMV(NOTARIZED)
FORM" (DMV Bill of Sale equiv.) from myself to you the new owner..
should be all you will need...I will also include this Bikes California
Department of Motor Vehicles Current DMV Computer Print Out on this
Wonderful Bike that shows & Proves that because this Beauty was in
DRY Storage for the past 3+ decades & because of this... there are
No current DMV Computer records (WHICH IS REALLY GOOD NEWS) on this
Wonderful bike & therefore there will be "NO" back fees, "NO" back
License fees, "NO" back Sticker fees and "NO" back taxes etc etc. owed
on this Wonderful Dirt racing Bike. If you live inside California &
If you Race Vintage Bike Meetson Private MotoCross & Flat Tracksor
(Vintage Bike Shows etc) the Notarized Calif. VEHICLE or VESSEL
TRANSFER and REASSIGNMENT FORM (REG. 262) DMV "bill of sale" should be all you
will need. If for some reason want to go cow trail ridding on
California etc Government National Forest Land etc land & feel you a
may want a National Forest etc DMV "Green Sticker" My Vehicle
local DMV Registration Office said that because this bike had been in covered
storage for SOooo many years (Over 3 decades ~37 years) therefore if
you live here in California & feel for some reason you want or feel
you need a California Forestry Land Green sticker (to ride in Government
Forest etc land) or to make her a street bike again ...Again it will be Easy because this bike is currently
out of the DMV Computer books & therefore there will be NO back fees
NO Back Lic fees & NO back taxes etc etc etc etc (as after about 10 or 12 years DMV records fall off the DMV
Computers) and Again, this California National Forest sticker is not
required for MX Race Tracks & Other privately owned Race tracks and
also NOT required for Vintage Shows + Club Meets etc etc etc here in
California & I do not believe a California Nat. Forest Green sticker
is not required if you live out of state etc etc etc)....... She also has Her early Blue California License Plate, & last 1982 License plate Sticker that I will be including for the
new owner.
my eye ...I
think She looks Great ! ...I
have always been very Proud of this Particularly Beautiful YAMAHA 250
cc DT-1 Vintage Bike ...
Information about 1972 Yamaha DT1 250cc ENDURO for sale on this page. See price and photos of the DT1 250cc ENDURO Yamaha Custom Candy Pearl Tangerine
& Even in 2017 She LOOKS GREAT & She
still Starts Quick & Runs &
Shifts & Stops ...GREAT ! these YAMAHA 250 DT-1 ENDURO's are
Super Easy Starting + Dependable
& Very
Reliable & DURABLE Bikes !
& Vintage Racing Enthusiasts & Everyone I have ever meet seem to
be in Total agreement that .... "These Bikes are a GREAT
Dependable Classic Motorcycle & also many people use these for
Vintage Racing ! & Quite
Possibly one of the Very Most FUN , DURABLE, RELIABLE & All Purpose
Use-able Bikes I have ridden in
the past FIVE decades Since the late 1950's !" (...& in the 1960's & 1970's I was a contributing "Technical
Editor" for "CYCLE NEWS" Magazine (at that time CYCLE NEWS was the
Motorcycle Publication on EARTH ! ! ! & I wrote "FIFTEEN" Three to
Four Page
Featured "Technical Articles" for "CYCLE NEWS" Magazine & 1[hidden information] I was
also a
Four+ Year Sponsored *750 Open Class* Mainly "TT" &
some "Half Mile"
Racer for "BULTACO" Motorcycles (Most of the Time on a 360 cc "El
Bandito" Two Stroke
!!!! ) & after that on a 250. & My Very best & oldest Friend
& Fellow Riding & Racing
Buddy was MIKE VILS ( You should Goggle his Name ! ! ) Owner of Vils
Design that painted all of
the YAMAHA Factory RACING TEAM Bikes ~1969 to approx 1980 (Including
the KENNY ROBERTS Years !!! So trust me ...No One
Loves & Appreciates a
TRULY Great Two Stroke Dirt Bike like this YAMAHA 250 DT-1 ENDURO
...more than Me !
....and again ........If you Pass Up
Wonderful Bike where will you ever find a First Generation 1968-72
ENDURO with a
fairly Low Hour Engine (Prior to our restoration) ......that we are Just now
finishing up She has been in Dry Storage since 1982 (Please read the
last year License plate Sticker in the included pictures) and also a bike with so little use
& abuse on Her ! ?
This is a
Bike that I think most any rider could Have "BIG
FUN" ridding all day long On !
agrees these 250 YAMAHA DT-1s
have hands down Always been considered The Most Popular as well as one
of the Worlds
BEST & Most Durable + Easiest & Cheapest to maintain Production
Dual Purpose ENDURO bikes Ever Built ..& YAMAHA has Long Been
known for their GREAT RELIABILITY + FUN EASY HANDLING, Near Perfect Balance + DURABILITY,
Solid "BULLET PROOF" Construction, AMAZING
Performance , Durability + Trouble Free,
Reliability. & Believe it or not the YAMAHA Dealers Still stock
many parts for these Incredible Original Series DT1's
Compared to
many bikes with the Power &
Displacement of this Wonderful Bike these YAMAHA 250 DT-1 ENDURO's are
considered by Experts to be one of the
& Best Constructed and Predictable Truly VINTAGE CLASSIC ENDURO
bikes "EVER MADE" & I also think one of the Most Most Rider Friendly
+ Best BALANCED & "FUN" Bikes Made
in this Era or any Era !!! & this Freshly Cosmetically Restored
250 DT-1 is BY FAR one of the
Most Evolved & SUPER USEABLE Early
Successful "HIGH QUALITY JAPANESE CLASSIC ENDURO Bikes ("in 1968 when
these where first Issued..This Super Practical & FUN Bike was
early "ROCKET SCIENCE" that "Really Worked GREAT " ! ! ! ), Very Simple
hassle far more Reliable More Trouble Free Air
(FAR Better than the later ...early water cooled YAMAHA's Enduro's Etc
..I have heard)
(this being
one of the Very Best & Most Desirable years of these First ISSUE
1968-72 DT-1 as being a 1972 She is the Very First year for the "Self Tuning Reed
Induction" ENDURO's she is
Perfected being by YAMAHA (These SUPER SIMPLE Air Cooled Super
Competitive TWO STROKE" ) .
AMAZING Bike RUNS GREAT ! .. and I think she has her
Original Factory YAMAHA 250 DT-1 Gas tank that still looks to in
GREAT Condition with a Brand New "Original Style" paint & 1968-71 style Striping on Her Fuel tank & also Her Oil Tank
etc etc. ! & she has Brand New YAMAHA style
reissue Tank EMBLEMS (Distributed by EURO ...If you go on their web
site you will see my other Candy Tangerine YAMAHA ENDURO that they have used
for years on their web site..Again, Her Gas Tank has
been Newly
refinished & Painted as are Both her Front & Rear Fenders, also
her rims,
spokes, shocks, Wheel hubs & Backing plates etc etc have all also
been refinished
& or Painted and I think look Very Nice. She has a "BRAND NEW"
High Quality Front & Back Tires & also Brand New Tubes that are Dunlap Japanese
Trials Universal style reissues ..BOTH ARE IN GREAT SHAPE "BRAND NEW" ! ! !...
YES ! !
The inside of her Gas tank is Clean & looks do Her
Handlebars, BRAND NEW Rubber foot Pegs, Shifter, She has Brand Newly painted & refinished
Fork Tubes & All look Great & New Handlebar Grips !
BRAND NEW Clutch & Brake
levers etc etc are still in Very Nice
Condition ! The Shifter and Brake levers Look & Work Great ! Her Frame VIN serial number is : DT-1 F
Beauty has been in Covered storage for Many Years (( & up to
recently was in storage for the past Several DECADE)) & she has a
fairly LOW HOUR Engine & has just had a FRESH & Very Nice
Restoration (As detailed above) & is just returning to service again
& She Starts Well & is
Great" I personally think the more you run her the Better she will run
! Make No
Mistake this Baby... Runs, Shifts &
Rides & Stops GREAT !
* * Again....
Think About it , if You pass this
Baby Up .....where else will you ever find a YAMAHA 250 CC DT-1 ENDURO
with so little use & Abuse on her ! ! ! ?
This Wonderful Bike has been in Dry Storage since 1982
& also has a almost BRAND NEW Ignition System (IE) With NEW Stator etc+ Ignition Points
& Ignition Condensor etc. Very Low Hours on Her Engine and
I can Tell you out of several of these YAMAHA DT-1 250 ENDURO's I have
ever owned ...this
Beautiful Bike Starts Easier and Runs FAR Better than most any other
YAMAHA 250 ENDURO I have Owned !!!! This was Owned by an older
gentleman & his family up at their cabin then it went into Dry Storage for many years later he figured out years ago
that he was just a little too old for a Ride as Spirited as
this AMAZING Beauty !!! She was always in a Nice Dry Storage in a Nice
Dry Garage for Decades "SINCE 1982 (approx. 30+ Years !!!). Once we
flushed the tank
& Carburetor + put in
fresh gas & replaced Her Ignition system etc She started right up, Super
Quickly ! ! ! ! ! ! !) We
Disassembled Cleaned and Inspected most all of her & replaced the
Gear Box Oil with Brand New High
Quality Trans Oil,
My mechanic & I completely washed
out & Flushed + Rebuilt her Carburetor and & her Fuel Tank &
Fuel Shut off Valve etc.. & will include a Brand New inline
fuel filter etc...& Every time we have run this Beautiful Bike over
the past few
weeks She has been running Better & Better "The Engine Runs Great
and compared to any other YAMAHA 250 I have ever owned She Typically
Starts SUPER Easy
& Has GREAT POWER !!!! ...She Runs "GREAT" & Shifts Well thru
the gears.. &
Stops GREAT !!!! .
Auctions Bidding Rules: This is a fairly Big ticket item so please
NEGATIVE feedback bidders or if you are new to ebay (less than 90 days)
& or have less than 10 ALL Positive ebay Feedbacks ... please email me &
approval "PRIOR" to bidding or your bid may be removed etc * Please Ask
all your questions and Please Do your research "PRIOR" to bidding on this
item. ...AGAIN... PLEASE, work out all shipping details & Know what
Transporting will cost you BEFORE You Bid !, Buyer is responsible for & pays for any and all shipping
involved with this item .Also, Please make sure your
spouse is 100% up for this..* Winning bidder must
contact us within 24 hours by phone & also, Place a Non Refundable 275 US
dollar pay pal deposit (I will email you my phone number & Wire info
after the close of auction). * & Also... ALL Negotiable Funds must
received within 3 days
of close of auction.>* * * If these have not been done * Please Note
*... You will be in default of this auction. & will very likely
lose your deposit if the winning bidder flakes out & is not
responsible on the funding of this AMAZING Vintage Racing Beauty .* * *
this is paid off (in required three (3) M-S
days) I am willing to store the it
for up to 2 to 3 weeks in my garage from close of auction while you arrange
pickup & I will gladly assist you with
shipping to any International
or Domestic
Shipper in the Los
Harbor area.
Seller reserves the right
to the close of this auction at his discretion prior to the end of this
auction . Like all real auctions all sales are final. Like most any used
item terms of
sale are of
course, AS IS with no implied or expressed warranties. and purchaser assumes all risk for the use of this Wonderful Motorcycle.
All forms of payment
must be Proven "Cleared" by my bank before this Wonderful Bike can leave
my homes garage. Please do us both a Big Favor and Please do not bid on
this item unless you are able to 100% Fund this at this time, unless
prior arrangements have been made & Cleared by me (Prior to bidding
on this item). Thank You, Good Luck and Happy Bidding !
have had a lot of emails with shipping quotes all over the
map...Therefore, When you try and Get Shipping Quotes... I would try
& get several (Many) shipping quotes (& get a estimated pick up
& approx. delivery date in writing) before you commit or finalize a
deal & Or Make A Deposit) with a shipper... One of the last bikes I
sold out of our Personal Vintage Bike collection went to North Carolina
via USHIP.COM, (which is about 3,000 miles from here) was a 1975
YAMAHA 400 Enduro which weights probably several More Pounds of what this
auctions Magnificent & Beautiful 1971 / 1972' 250 ENDURO Weights & he was only charged about 350 US dollars several
months ago...I think ebay may have a shipping site, but if you want a
very competitive rate I would go thru & give your self
plenty of time to get "LOTS Of Bids"...Keep in mind, I live very close
to Los Angeles & the LA Harbor areas & Millions of Trucks leave
this area every day all you need to do is find a truck that has a little
space & that is headed in your direction & I am sure the "Price
would be a Lot Better & Your Pick up will be FAR Quicker" for you
than with some trucker/ shipper that is not !
If you need a shipper I would get "Lots of Quotes" (I have always had
Great Luck with USHIP.COM & plan on "the rates will vary widely"
(IE) as if a trucker that is already here in Los Angeles Area & is
already planning on going your direction will be a lot different
(BETTER) Rate & a lot Quicker than a Shipper that is not already here & is not going
in your direction...Also, please remind the trucking Co. you are getting
the quote from that ..."This bike is a Nice nimble street dirt bike
& ONLY weights about 240 Pounds" (It is Not a "HUGE" 700 or 800
Harley etc) So the Shipping rate should be FAR Cheaper & Should
definitely reflect that difference.
If it will get you a better Shipping Rate I will deliver this bike to
any Los Angeles Based Shippers Distribution yard or hub "FOR FREE" & or if
you live out of the Country I will deliver this Bike to any Los Angeles
Based International Shipper yard in the Los Angles Area "FOR FREE"
* "PLEASE READ * BEFORE BIDDING" * * & Please Bid Responsibly ..In
fairness of everyone involved in this auction..."As Ebay Recommends" ..
Please, "Do Not Bid" Until 'ALL of Your QUESTIONS have been Answered Any
and any & ALL Inspections have been preformed" etc. are made to your
Satisfaction and any & ALL Information has been Gained from your
Research" that YOU are Totally Comfortable & can bid responsibly (IE) ALL of this Needs
to be Done "LONG BEFORE YOU BID" on this Wonderful1972 DT-1 ENDURO 250cc YAMAHA...If
You live fairly Locally in southern Calif etc. & are a Serious
buyer (Please No Tire kickers & Please No "Lookie, Lou's"
Please)..I invite You to.. "Please come by & see this AMAZING Bike
"BEFORE YOU BID" ...Again, "If you live fairly Close & you are a
serious Buyer ..I Invite you to Please Come By & Check her Out"
"BEFORE YOU BID" ...As this item requires a 275 dollar "NON"
refundable Good Faith Deposit...& As Ebay will tell you "Your Bid is
a Legal & Biding Contract & should be taken Seriously"
in this or any auction.... Thank You
... Best of Luck to You ...& Thank You for Reading this...Happy Bidding !

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1972 Yamaha DT1 250cc ENDURO Used 250L
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