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Used 1973 Amc Commando Used Automatic SUV SBC 406L Gasoline

Number of Cylinders:8
Body Type:SUV
Engine:SBC 406
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:4WD
Options:Dana 60 rear, Dana 44 Front, 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Convertible, Leather Seats
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Orange
Interior Color:Black
:Fully built and restored. Mint shape, fresh coatings, upgraded on all levels.
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Seller Description

Description:- 1973 AMC Commando (Jeepster)- Fresh Chevy small block 406 cid (400 cid bored)- 450 hp/450 tq fly wheel dyne- Tuned on dyno- Marine engine- TH350 Tranny with shift kit (upgrade)- NP205 transfer case (twin sticked)- Dana 60 rear, dana 44 front (HS axles)- Novak Radiator- 38.5” Boggers with spare- Recent full restoration / build

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Item Information

Item ID: 133087
Car location: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 24.10.2019
Views: 211
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1973 Amc Commando Used Automatic SUV SBC 406L Gasoline
Current customer rating: 5/5 based on 3765 customer reviews

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