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1973 Amc Javelin Used Automatic Fastback V8 401 cubic inchL

Number of Cylinders:8
Body Type:Fastback
Engine:V8 401 cubic inch
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Drive Type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean
Sub Model:AMX
Exterior Color:Black with gold stripe
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Includes Replacement Floorboards, Rocker Panels, Much More
This is a 1973 AMX Javelin that runs
and drives beautifully. It has a powerful V8 401cui engine, automatic
transmission, factory black paint with gold racing stripes, and a
navy/black interior with leather front bucket seats. It has approximately 70,000 original miles on it. The AMX is a piece of
sports car history, with more muscle than the Mustang and twice as
cool as the Cobra.
The vital electronics all work
(ignition, lights, blinkers, etc.). New tires and brakes, brake
lines, fuel lines and tank, brand new headers and dual exhaust were
installed before it was retired to the barn. Also a complete tune up
was done at that time. As you can see from the photos, large parts
of the floorboards are gone, with areas of rust throughout the front
and back seats (all replacement floorboards are included in this
auction). Aside from the floorboards, the body is mostly rust-free,
with small spots on the fenders and doors . Here's a list of
everything that comes included in this auction:
1973 AMX Javelin (runs and
NEW front right and left floor
pans (not installed)
NEW front right and left inner
rocker panels (not installed)
NEW front right and left outer
rocker panels (not installed)
NEW black carpeting (not
Three original AMX sport wheels
with tires
Cosmetic hard plastic rear window louvre (not installed)
Spare transmission
Spare hood
Spare taillight assembly
Historic 73AMX Michigan license
Miscellaneous interior and
exterior parts (trim, door handles, mirror, etc.)
This is being sold as a restoration
project car, which comes with many of the new parts to complete the
restoration, but it runs and drives like a dream. This auction
includes brand-new replacement floorboards and rocker panels, new
black carpeting, and more (see a full list above) – everything you
should need to get this car back into safe, comfortable driving
condition. It sat in a barn in Indiana for the past several years and
started up on the first try at the end of July 2019. It was an
abandoned family project car and needs a good home with someone who
can restore it to its former glory. The trunk key has been misplaced, and I know that there are parts in the trunk, but cannot list them here as I can't remember exactly what's in there. They are also included in this auction.**NOTE** After receiving a few questions about the engine size, I wanted to add that this car originally had a 360 engine, but it was replaced with a new, 1973 AMX 401 engine along with all the body emblems and trim, complete.***
Here's a (very) short list of the work
that was done to this car to get it where it is today:
Replaced fuel lines and ignition
Replaced all four tires and complete brakes, rotors, drums, pads, shoes, and brake lines, etc.
New headers and dual exhaustRecored radiator
Recoated gas tank interior
Complete tune up
Information about 1973 Amc Javelin for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Javelin Amc Black with gold stripe V8 401 cubic inch
Vehicle is
located in northeast Indiana (46737) near the tri-state corner. Buyer
agrees to pick up and transport vehicle themselves.

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Item Information

Item ID: 132596
Car location: Fremont, Indiana, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.10.2019
Views: 101
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1973 Amc Javelin Used Automatic Fastback V8 401 cubic inchL
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