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1973 Husqvarna

$ 4350

Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

No Reserve!
Highest bid wins!
Please only bid an amount that you are prepared to pay in full within 3 business days. Ask all questions before the end of auction, not after you win the bike.
$500 deposit is due immediately at the end of auction.
If you have 0 feedback or a new account, message me prior to bidding or your bid will be cancelled. Thanks for your understanding.
For those that are wondering, the frame does NOT have a rear tank mount threaded bolt hole going down through the frame, its correct for a Desert Master. The frame also doesn't have the usual threaded bolt hole for the air cleaner upper bracket that goes through the frame on all other models of this era, it's also correct for a Desert Master. These bikes also came with two secondary coil brackets, which this one has, and is another way of verifying that you have a real Desert Master. Finally the engine has the correct "2034" Prefix as the majority of them did. Without a doubt this is a true Desert Master inside and out.
Up for your consideration is one of the rarest vintage 450 models, the 1973 Husqvarna 450 CR Desert Master. It came equipped with the biggest fuel tank Husqvarna ever made at a 4 gallon capacity. This was the same tank used on the 1969 Baja winning 500cc twin. The next year the same tank was used on the 1970 360 Sportsman. Today it's almost impossible to find this yellow Desert Master tank, even in terrible condition. This one only has a few very minor dents if that, almost unnoticeable which is unheard of for being close to 50 years old. I've had offers of 2k just for the tank alone but I won't separate it from the bike it was born with, that would be wrong. The majority of these Desert Masters were sent back to Sweden and as a result are very rare, highly sought after and sell for a premium. The motor was completely rebuilt and is race ready for any vintage racing or desert riding. Original grenade silencer, exhaust, Magura grips, controls, throttle, brake and clutch. Pirelli tires front and back with the original Akront wheels. Spokes and wheels are a bit dirty and just need a proper cleaning. This is a real Desert Master with the correct MK frame # and original motor. Im keeping the frame # private as a courtesy to the next owner. Just recently a 1972 MJ frame # 450 WR sold here on Ebay for 6k just because it had a yellow Desert Master tank instead of the correct orange one that came on 72 450's. It was a nice bike but it wasn't the real deal Desert Master, this one is.
Sold on a Bill of Sale.
$500 Non Refundable Deposit is due immediately at the end of this listing.
Full Payment is due within 3 business days from end of listing.
Information about 1973 Husqvarna for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Husqvarna
Bike will not be released until full payment is complete and funds have cleared.
Buyer is responsible for picking the bike up and all transportation/shipping costs. I can hold the bike for 2 weeks while you find a shipper. has been a great transportation shipping service for me.
If you live outside of the U.S, I can hold the bike for 30 days if necessary to give you enough time to sort out shipping arrangements.
Bike does not have an existing warranty.

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Item Information

Item ID: 193441
Sale price: $ 4350
Motorcycle location: Calabasas, California, United States
Last update: 16.11.2020
Views: 41
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1973 Husqvarna
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