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1973 Kawasaki Other

$ 1375

1973 Kawasaki Other for Sale
1973 Kawasaki Other for Sale1973 Kawasaki Other for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear


Up for auction I have an all original 1973 Kawasaki S2 350 barn find. This bike has been sitting in a barn untouched for over 30 years. It is completely original and unmodified. It has 15,393 miles on it. I have a clear New York title for the bike, not in my name. These bikes are very desirable and becoming very hard to find. 
Overall the bike is in decent condition. The original paint is still nice, the tank does have a few small dings. The side panels are nice as well. The tail has some rust spots on it. The chrome is in decent shape. The wheels do have some Rust on them. The fenders also have some pitting. The seat cover and cushion are shot and need replaced. All of the lights are intact. The headlight ears are bent. The gauges are in nice shape. The rear brake works, front brake does not. There is some paint overspray on the rear tire and wheel. There is no key for the bike. 
The bike is not currently running but the engine does turn over with good compression. Most likely with a fuel system cleaning and a tune up it would run. The Original exhaust is also in nice condition, they do have some scuffs on them. The chain cover is broken. The throttle cables are stuck. The clutch pull feels good. 
This is a great bike to get running and ride it how it is or a great candidate for a restoration for your collection. I am willing to ship the bike anywhere in the world. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and arrangements to be picked up at my location. Cashiers check, money order, or cash for final payment. No PayPal. 

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Sale price: $ 1375
Motorcycle location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 11.01.2019
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1973 Kawasaki Other
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