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1973 Triumph Daytona Used

Sub Model (Optional):500
Exterior Color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Very strong runner-no smoke or leaks. Matching numbers, original paint, seat and chrome.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1973 TRIUMPH DAYTONA 500 T100RGood running, last year bike. All original.
When American rider Buddy Elmore won the 1966 Daytona 200 aboard a factory Triumph 500cc motorcycle, the factory decided to capitalize on the win and release a new 500cc road bike named the "Daytona" for the 1967 model year. Gary Nixon won the '67 Daytona race on the new Daytona and went on to win the AMAChampionship that year on the same bike. The production Daytona was sold from 1[hidden information] and sported a race inspired engine with 2 Amal concentric carbs, 9:1 compression and a hot cam, producing 40 horsepower and capable of speeds over 100 mph. The Daytona was the top of the line 500 offered by Triumph.
This matching numbers 1973 Daytona is an honest, original bike that runs very well. Recent work includes an engine and gearbox oil change, new fuel lines, rebuilt carbs, new clutch discs and new fork gaiters. A brand newbatteryis fitted. Some sorting may be necessary as very few miles have been put on the bike in the last few years. It iscompletely originalcosmetically and has a very cool patina. The '73 model is the pinnacle of development for the Daytona and these never used the horrible "oil in frame" of the 650 series, instead retaining the muchpreferredseparate oil tank and frame of the earlier bikes.
The tank paint is worn and scratched and there is a very slight crease in the left side, just above the emblem as shown in the photo of the left side of the tank. The frame paint is about the same, with some paint missing in areas of surface rust and scratches. The chrome fenders are perfectly straight and very shiny, with some freckling and scratches. The original Dunlop rims are straight. The rear rim has excellent chrome and the front rim is a bit dull. The tires are 10-15 years old, but have almost full tread. Theoriginal seat upholstery is worn and has a couple of splits in the seams, perfectly matching the rest of the bike. Old Indians and Harleys are being painstakingly restored to have this exact same look and patina-this one has it for real. Leave the cosmetics alone and ride this one, it has a really cool look just the way it is.
The speedometer is correct but not original to the bike, so I do not know the actual mileage. The engine starts quickly and sounds great. Itdoesn't smoke or leak and makes excellent power. The original wiring is all intact (turn signals have been removed) and the battery holds its charge without draining.
A clear California title comes with thismotorcycle and it is currently on a "non-op" so zero back fees or penalties.This Triumph is not advertised anywhere else and this auction is the exclusive venue topurchaseit. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a very desirable bike in original condition. There is a reasonable reserve on this auction.
Please ask any and all questions and read the terms below before bidding. Terms of This Sale:1) By bidding in this auction, you declare that you have read the Terms of this Sale as outlined below and agree to them. Questions like "What's the reserve?" or "What's the buy it now price?" will be ignored. There is no "buy it now" price. The auction will conclude on Sunday at 5pm.
2) If you are the winning high bidder in this auction, you are entering alegal and binding contractto purchase the motorcycle, as outlined in the eBayUser Agreement. Since bid retractions upset the auction process, any bid retractions without my prior knowledge and approval will cause the auction to end immediately.
3) The motorcycle may be viewed in person, by appointment in Costa Mesa, California, prior to the end of the auction.I am located 7 minutes from Orange County Airport (SNA), and 40 Minutes from LAX.Please email for an appointment. If you have any questions, please ask them BEFORE you bid.
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4) Please, bid on this motorcycle only if you are serious about owning it and have the funds available. Payment is due in full within 3 days of the end of the auction. (Overseas bidders please contact me re payment-I know it takes 2-3 days for wire transfers....)
5) The motorcycle is sold "as is, where is," with no warranty. Transportation is the responsibility of the new owner. I can recommend reliableprofessionaltransporters or shippers and will assist with loading.
6) After the auction has ended, the sale price is final. Thank you and good luck!

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Item Information

Item ID: 154141
Motorcycle location: Costa Mesa, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 8.05.2020
Views: 34
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1973 Triumph Daytona Used
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