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1973 VW Volkswagen Kombi T2 Pop Top Camper

$ 15504

Date of Manufacture:197300
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Engine Number:CA045414
Body Type:Van
Engine Size (litre):1.7
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Very Good Condition for a 1973 Kombi. Engine rebuild December 2018, only driven in like a new car due to Covid!”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Big Reduction in price for Summer Sale - Realistic offers accepted! Ready to go on another adventure around Australia! All set up and ready to go.
Information about Volkswagen Kombi for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Kombi Volkswagen

Fantastic, One-of-a-kind 1973 Kombi for Sale. Great runner and good condition. Fully serviced, Rego and maintained by VW Mechanic. LOADS of EXTRAS! A Real Head Turner! Loads of paperwork for the work done in the past 5 years.
Original artwork on the back.
Really happy to do a LIVE tour and/ or drive on Facetime or Facebook if you would like during COVID ready for you to use and explore.
Our Kombi is all ready and set up to go camping for yourself, you and your partner or your family. Including a massive 'drive away' coastal road Tent with 2 Inner sleeping areas with so many extras.
Driven a day each week to work, to keep it ticking over, and used on many a happy holidays within Victoria, Tasmania and NSW.
Engine rebuild in late 2018 - including New piston rings, New Heads; New engine gasket; New Camshaft and bearings plus more (All paperwork supplied)
Many extras included with the Kombi, she is all ready to go. All set up for your camping needs, connect to power or with a second battery when not connected to power. Includes Waeco fridge/freezer and inside 12v lighting. Hook up or be self sufficient for a few days.
Fiamma Bike rack - for T2 bay window - with cover. Suitable for 2 bikes, but I have had 2 adult and 2 kids bikes on it.
'Rocknroll' bed for 2 plus 2 in the popup roof - boards supplied (not original)
Back seat - one sash belt and one lap belt, but able to attach to child restraint bar if required. So can cater for two full car seats if needed.
Amazing Driveaway Outwell Range Coastal road tent - Great height, able to easily walk around. 225cm height includes everything, pegs, poles and 2 sleeping inner tents. Dimension of tent: - 420x420x225 - Brilliant size
Engine rebuild in November 2018 and recently completed initial run in and service. (All paperwork provided) so its all ready to go on some great road trips.
Depending on which state you are in, I can arrange transport etc before purchase if required, or just drive it away.
Full service history with Tony at Volksworld, Moorabbin, Vic.
If you are interested please feel free to speak to my mechanic, Tony at Volksworld, Moorabbin, Victoria. He is willing to answer any questions you might have. He only works 12-4pm but I can provide his number if required
All paperwork from myself and previous owner available.
Please feel free to contact me at anytime and to view, but PLEASE GENUINE BUYERS ONLY
Advertised Elsewhere, so may need to remove if required.
More photos!AvC33yBhXk_dgZ0SgzpzALgVTR9N6A?e=Bemajm
Extra Features
•Child restraint bar - to attach up to 2 child's car seat securely (professionally fitted, with receipt)Pop roof with sleeping upstairs for 2 - with wood boards and new straps•2nd battery with smart charger•Waeco fridge/freezer with vents•Mini-sink with tap connected which can be connected to water tank (not fitted)•Amazing Driveaway Outwell Range Coastal road tent - Great height, able to easily walk around. 225cm height includes everything, pegs, poles and 2 sleeping inner tents.•Dimension of tent: - 420x420x225 - Brilliant size• 2 burner Gasmate stove with small gas bottle• Great awning complete with poles for when you don't want the tent (see photos)• 2 New Oz Trail sleeping mats

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Item Information

Item ID: 203807
Sale price: $ 15504
Car location: Hampton, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.02.2021
Views: 55
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1973 VW Volkswagen Kombi T2 Pop Top Camper
Current customer rating: 3/5 based on 3 customer reviews

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