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$ 3053

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Unfinished project that beed very little to finish off, with many very hard to get parts!”

Seller Description

If you are into your Galants, you will clearly see this is one hell of a honey hole!Very disappointed to be selling our little Galant but life has really gotten in the way with a baby due in 6 weeks its time to be smart and let someone finish her before all the hard work goes to waste and it sits in the shed for years!The pale yellow galant in the pics is the original car! It was bought off the elderly owners son who had it in his backyard for some time after she had passed, it was amazingly original, and totally untouched! A quick tidy and drive was the plan.... the 1.6 and 4speed was a little too under powered for me so a full resto and 2.6 astron conversion was decided!Once id stripped the car back, i found the sills were quite rusty, from the grass and wasnt a patch job but sill replacements, so i sourced a bronze car complete minus running gear to use as a donor. The bronze shell ended up being nearly 100% rust free so it was decided to turn the bronze car into our yellow one (my wife wanted to stay with the yellow) so the gold shell was bare metalled and quarters panels repaired dead straight and primed (i am a professional panel beater), a pair of doors also bare metalled repaired and primed! The engine bay was bare metalled primed and painted in the fresh pale yellow!A factory 130k mitsubishi skorpion was then bought and the 2.6 and jap 5speed put into the galant! A brand new gc radiator was bought as well as brand new plugs leads gasket kit, water pump, engine mounts etc for the 2.6! I made the new wiring loom to make the factory galant loom work and all so it looks 100% stock! You would never know its not its original motor! It sits and runs like a clock in the car! The tunnel was completely reworked to suit the 5 speed and only needs minor work around the shifter whole now to complete!A factory galant tacho dash was restored by me using 4 other clusters to make it perfect!There is also a rare factory manual centre console to go with!The scorpion struts and diff were also kept but not fitted yet.
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A tailshaft will need to be made but i have the scorpion and galant ones to easily have done!Another parts car was acquired to get the white interior as i had brown (mint)So there is 3 cars included here - one is nearly totally used up and you can grab off what you like and leave it and the other is the original yellow car thats still a very good body but motor and box is gone now! (Sills werent that bad i just wanted quickest easiest resto possible)I sourced a mint dash pad which is near perfect and as most know a hens tooth, as said with extra cars there is 2/3/4 of everything, theres is factory wheels and hubcaps, dragway mags, new old stock sunvisor, you name it the cars got it or 2 or 3!An absolute mountain of work has gone into the little galant and it was going to be my wifes toy, but with the baby now she agrees we just wont enjoy the little rocket anytime soon so dont let it go to waste! Im a tonne of money deep in it but thats life, i want to see it go to a home to finish it and will be real sad to see it go! Any questions please ask! There is a lot of stuff to try and cover here so hopefully ive explained the best i can!Totally non reserve actions, you bid you buy deal, car is located in melb in the yarra valley near yarra junction! Good luck!

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Item ID: 213245
Sale price: $ 3053
Car location: Melbourne, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 3.05.2021
Views: 2
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