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1974 TC Cortina XL 250ci PROJECT for Restoration Or Fixer Upper, Melb 3131

$ 4824

Registration State:VIC
Registration Number:LZC069
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Extras:Tow Bar
Fuel Type:Petrol
Car Type:Collector Cars
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Engine Number:CG56PM25605C
Drive Type:RWD
Engine Size (litre):4.1
Body Type:Station Wagon
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Please refer to full description below: No RWC, currently on full Vic rego though will cancelled when sold.”
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

TC Cortina XL 250ci 1 of 1 - PROJECT for Restoration Or Fixer Upper
Please Note: The
auction runs - car sells to the highest winning bidder [that means NO buy-it-now price] therefore No offers &
No swaps-trades accepted. Also, I reserve the right to 'cancel bids'
of anyone with low feedback [e.g. 0-5] & Or those with substantial negative feedback percentages.
74 Tc 250 Cortina XL –
hard to find station wagon, original unrestored matching numbers, 1
of 1 build [pic No 2] fully complete comes with many spare parts n
panels, would suit restoration Or possibly a blank canvas for the
enthusiast seeking a project. Runs & drives, currently on full
Vic rego BUT once sold I'll be cancelling
the rego as its more sensible to move a vehicle of this vintage onto
a club permit. The LZC-069 plates will remain on the car, they're
recent re-manufactured plates but it's the cars original designated
number as sold on 16th of Sept 1974.
After 14 years of
enjoyable ownership I'm selling due to health reasons as I can no
longer drive the car, I'm 6.2ft and suffer from back & joint
related problems, I've been putting off the inevitable for a few
years but realize its time to move on. As stated in the heading the
car is being auctioned as a 'project' it does require work &
plenty of TLC, I'll try listing all the pro's n con's below plus give
full history details for those interested.
I got the car in 2007 from
an elderly man in Braybrook, story was he inherited it in 1986 when
the original owner passed away, it was his aunts car and apparently
she purchased it directly from Ford as a factory employee, the car
was a retirement gift to herself in Sep 74, [see pic No 11 ] though
was assembled in July 74, there's a wiring loom hand written factory
tag behind the passenger foot well kick-panel.
Information about Ford Cortina for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Cortina Ford
As the story goes the
car sat in his backyard at Braybrook from the time he inherited it
until I got it in 07, it was & still is very ordinary paint wise,
the Yellow Sand paint is close to rough-as-guts though was like that
when I got it but approaching 50 years old overall the vehicle is
reasonably good.
I've kept most receipts
from work done during my ownership, from memory it was around 2010 or
2011 when I put the car back on the road, it passed a Vic roadworthy
inspection and has been registered ever since. Still have pics of
the work completed, the front end came out [front clip] for a full
rebuild, the diff came out for a new rear main seal and a new tail shaft uni joint with all new bushes at the rear, also had a new
windscreen and stock exhaust system fitted - though all this was 10
years ago things may need re-doing. Body wise the worst of the rust
is the lower left side rear quarter, to get through the RWC I did a
dodgy fiberglass/filler job so that needs to be cut out and properly
repaired. Not bad rust wise, only ever had troubles with surface
rust in the front drivers side guard and the front apron panel behind
the number plate those need to be taken back to bare metal &
treated. Otherwise no rust around the windscreen frame, no rust in
the wheel arches [inner & outer] or inner door frame surrounds,
solid floors, good inner & outer sills, passenger sill outer at
the rear did have a dent that I filled, solid gutter channels,
perfect boot floor with no rust in the spare wheel well. Interior is
reasonably good & original with no speaker holes in the door
trims, reasonable condition passenger seat & rear bench, drivers
seat needs re-trimming but have replaced the sliders on both front
seats and they work. Perfect dashpad with no cracks, centre console
is OK but did repair a small crack with a plastic repair kit, the
parcel tray is in good condition with a woodgrain XLE insert, has the
factory sports leather wrap steering wheel - a Mk3 GXL wheel so I
Regarding the engine its
running but requires work, at worst it may need a cylinder head recon
& replace the lifters whilst you're at it. Once again because I
cannot drive the car due to health reasons it sat for the past few
years BUT during that time I've kept it running and drove it around
the street, last month I gave it the old 'tune up' and installed new
points, condenser, rotor, cap, leads, installed a new Accuspart
resistor coil, NGK plugs [AP5FS], new Supercharge Gold Mf51 battery,
not long ago I put in a new waterpump & thermostat running Nulon
Type A coolant, just recently changed the oil & filter running
Shell Helix 20W/50 with Lucas Oil Stabilizer. The engine starts
easily and runs well on all 6 but I've noticed a intermittent
clicking sound whilst its warming up that tends to go away once the
engine warms, this might be an exhaust leak OR as I said could be
something requiring head work so be aware once again its a 'project
car' that requires attention. A few years ago I serviced the
auto-trans with new Type F fluid and it works well even the kickdown
is fine, also the brakes still seem good the car stops easily &
smoothly. Approx 4 – 5 years ago I installed a new starter motor,
occasionally the starter jams but this is due to wear at some point
on the flywheel, at worst you just need to move the car a tiny bit
and the starter grabs, part of the fun owning a classic.
As mentioned my collection
of TC/D parts n panels are included in this auction with the car, the
buyer can take everything Or pick & choose what parts they wish
to have. See Pic No 12, I will attempt to list all parts at the
bottom of this listing.
You may have noticed my feedback rating that's
because I adhere to eBay rules & policies at all times, I'll list
the rules of this auction below:
*Viewing is welcome but by
NO means come here under the pretext of giving me an offer –
bidding only NO OFFERS.
*The auction runs – once
again No offers & No swaps-trades considered.
*I reserve the right to
cancel bids & block those with low feedback ratings.
*I do not reserve the
right to end the auction, – car sells to the highest winning bidder
& is not listed [for sale] anywhere else.
*Payment to be made in
full via Paypal within 7 days of the listing ending in accordance to
eBay auction policies. The cars paperwork, handwritten receipt &
keys will NOT be handed over until payment is received in full.
*Any non-paying winning
bidder will be reported & named once I re-list the car.
* It's up to the buyer to
pick up the car, I do not offer any delivery service & cannot
store, it needs to be collected ASAP once full payment is received.
* If the buyer is from
interstate Or simply chooses to have a courier towing service collect
the car - that's fine I can be here to pass the keys & papers
over but that can be discussed when purchase is completed.
* Happy to send any
picture requests should you require further detail of any area,
[please send eBay message] be aware I only have a desktop PC but will
try responding ASAP, alternatively can be contacted here:
[hidden information]
* Serious bidders ONLY
thanks. Those requiring permission from their other half or those
simply not reading-ignoring what I've already stated above will be
deleted, at worst blocked from bidding.
*Finally I'm not here to
chat or seek opinions, will ONLY answer questions from genuine
TC/D parts & panels
collection: As already mentioned these are included in the auction
with the car & will go to the winning bidder, therefore I'm NOT
selling any parts separately:
1 6cyl bonnet, [has bonnet
pin holes & a few dents] solid & usable with hinges
1 passenger side front
guard, solid in good nick
3 doors along with 2 spare
door glasses, rust free in good condition
1 TC 6cyl grille in good
condition [found 2 of the 4 headlight surrounds]
1 genuine 250ci Pre-Xflow
drop in recon'd distributor.
1 TC/D Pre-X 6cyl recon'd
Strongberg carby for automatic trans.
1 TC XL instrument cluster
woodgain cover
1 TC glove box lid
1 TC XL radio-heater
2 TC L front lapsash seat
belts & buckles
3 TC/D bucket seat sliders
1 TC/D t-bar selector &
1 TC heater dash facia
L & R TC wagon tail
light lenses
2 TC/D front indicator
3 TC XL chrome wheel arch
5 TC L/XL hubcaps
1 TC/D XL spare wheel
2 TC XL instrument
1 TC/D windscreen wiper
linkage mechanism
2 TC 6cyl workshop
manuals, if the buyer likes they can have my 1970's collection of
Wheels magazines containing articles of every model T-series 6cyl
Cortina 72-81.
2 boxes of various TC
parts with many screws plus a range of interior items from door
armrests, doorlock snibs, heater, vent & dash knobs.
Above listed &
photographed items mostly come from the old trailer box so the new
owner is welcome to have that box with all parts inside.
On 27-May-21 at 17:17:47 AEST, seller added the following information:27/5 - Viewing will no longer be permitted as it does not comply to the current Melb/Vic lockdown regulations & restrictions commencing on the 27th of May at 11:59pm until Thursday 3rd of June:[hidden information]%20-%207%20Day%20Circuit%20Breaker%20Restrictions.pdf

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Item Information

Item ID: 217154
Sale price: $ 4824
Car location: Nunawading, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.05.2021
Views: 8
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1974 TC Cortina XL 250ci PROJECT for Restoration Or Fixer Upper, Melb 3131
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