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1974 Yamaha TY 250 Trials Used 250L

Exterior Color:Yellow
Engine Size (cc):250
Model:TY 250 Trials
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):Trials
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Thinning out my collection
Frame and Engine Serial # 434-[hidden information](can be verified via pics)
NO RESERVE!! Goes to the highest bidder!
1974 Yamaha TY 250 Trials
Very Nice and Very Close to Original.
Has been converted from oil injection to premix which seems to be done a lot on these older Yamaha’s. Either the Oil Injection pump goes out or someone wants the convenience of having premix fuel like most 2 strokes use.
Domino Controls and Clutch Lever. I have the Originals(see pics)
Larger foot pegs. I have originals(see pics)
New carb, pet cock, and fuel filter. Comes with original(see pics) Was changed out to enhance performance.
Very good running bike that is easy to start. Does smoke until warmed up, but all my 2 stroke bikes do. I ride this bike around the neighborhood about once a month to keep it up and going. Usually about 5 miles at a time. I have not had this bike off road personally. I bought it because I loved the looks and I enjoy owning and selling very neat and hard to find items.
DID Wheels that are in great shape with great shine. They hold air without issue
ALMOST NEW IRC 21 Inch front tire and ALMOST NEW IRC 18 Inch rear which is wider on a trails bike
Front forks and seals look very good
Decal on left side is faded and showing its age
Rear fender paint is peeling. Doesn’t both me, but new owner may want to repaint
Tank has great color with original paint and decals. Looks very clean and can be seen in photos.
Information about 1974 Yamaha TY 250 Trials for sale on this page. See price and photos of the TY 250 Trials Yamaha Yellow
On the left under side close to the pet cock there is some surface corrosion. There is also a possible repair about an inch from that location. It does not leak and new owner may want to repair. I don’t believe it’s necessary and It does not bother me or effect what I bought it for which was mainly for display.
Has original seat which is very nice with very little wear and shows great
Comes with Original parts that have been changed out along with original tool kit
With any of my listings I want to point out any and all issues and imperfections so the buyer will not have any suprises. This is not something I have to sell and I would rather not sell if I had to mislead or leave somthing out like a lot of eBay listings do. I bought this bike locally in early summer and I’m ready to pass it on to someone’s collection.
I will be happy to help with shipping at buyers expense.
Funds MUST Clear before release
If you have very low feedback please call before bidding.
Bike is AS-IS with NO RESERVE so if your bid plan to PAY. Ask any questions that I did not cover in listing via text, call, or thru eBay message. Please read ad first though as I think I’ve covered most items
OVER 100 pics with DROPBOX Link below,Chris [hidden information]

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Item Information

Item ID: 102360
Motorcycle location: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 17.01.2019
Views: 77
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1974 Yamaha TY 250 Trials Used 250L
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