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Used 1975 Amc Gremlin Used Automatic Gasoline

Exterior Color:Orange
Vehicle Title:Clean
Power Options:Air Conditioning
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:RWD
:Awesome rust free California car. It was used in many feature films. TV shows music videos. We just completed $5,500 in service work and repairs. It runs great!
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Seller Description

We found this 1975 AMC Gremlin sitting at a movie car rental company. It had sat for about 12 years just left and forgotten in a lot of cars to bake in the Californiasun. We were told the car had been used in many feature films, TV shows and music videos.

The owner said it was last used for a Beastie Boys music video and another video where a production company put hydraulicshocks in the front of the car to make it bounce. After some research we were able to find an Eminem / D-12 music video, D-12 Purple Hills where Eminem drove this Gremlin throughout the video. See the pictures of him in the Gremlin below.
Once we saved the Gremlin we quickly got to work to bring it back to life. We put a set of new tires on it, went through the brakes, serviced the transmission, replaced all of the fuel lines and flushed the tank and replaced all of the belts and hoses. We also did an oil service, tune up, transmissionservice and serviced the rear end. We performed about $5,500 worth of service and repairs. The car runs great!
HIGHLIGHTS:RUST FREE CALIFORNIA CARVERY ORIGINAL, UNMOLESTED CARMOVIE RENTAL CAR - HAS BEEN IN MANY MOVIES, TV SHOWS AND MUSIC VIDEOS$5,500 IN SERVICE WORK JUST COMPLETEDPOWER STEERING, AUTOMATIC & ACSUPER GROOVY MELLOW YELOW ORANGE W/ WHITE GRAPHICSEXTERIOR:When we got the car the paint was sunbaked. We gave it a good wash and our Detail team got to work cutting and polishing the paint to bring it back to an impressive shine. Not only does the paint look great, the graphics, the chrome and the hubcaps cleaned up very nice too. The gas cap is mint and all of the emblems are in good shape, with the exception of the one missing on the passenger rear. All of the glass is in great shape, as well as the lenses and lights. The grill has some cracks, but could be easily repaired. There are a couple of bumps and scrapes. The car shows absolutely no signs of any rust whatsoever!
INTERIOR:The interior is very original and complete. It has front bucket seats are are in good shape, but could use new covers. The rear seat is in very good condition. The dash is also in very good condition.
MECHANICAL:We have pretty much serviced everythingon the car. We have roughly $5,500 of work into the car. We did an oil service, went through the brakes, replaced the radiator, serviced the transmissionand rear end, flushed the fuel system and replaced all of the fuel lines. Replaced all of the belts and hoses. Did a tune up and put some new tires on the car. We have left the front hydraulic shocks on the car and the pump and batteries in the rear if someone wanted to retain those from the Eminem music video. However, if you wanted to put it back to stock you can simply replace the front shocks and remove the pump. The car runs and drives great. The car shows 4554 miles on the odometer and although the car is in very good shape, I cannot verify that the miles are accurate.
VIN DECODED:A5A465A[hidden information]
A: AMC5: 1975A: Automatic Transmission4: Gremlin6: Two Door Hatchback5: Gremlin (4 Passenger)A:258 OHV six (4.2 liter), 1 barrel

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Item Information

Item ID: 230685
Car location: Hermosa Beach, California, United States
Last update: 22.08.2021
Views: 318
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1975 Amc Gremlin Used Automatic Gasoline
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