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1975 Honda CB Used

$ 6000

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Beautiful classic road bike that runs as good as it looks”
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Seller Description

Up for auction is my 1975 Honda CB550K1. I recently completed my restoration starting with a very clean survivor. I have put 203 light neighborhood miles on it since the restoration. Everything thing works as it should, all lights, horn, starter, etc. no excuses. Current license plates and Texas title in my name. Here is a summary of my restoration: Removed carbs, cleaned, new factory jets, needles, floats, bench synced then run synced on bike. checked valve lash and timing, fresh engine oil and filter, Engine starts quickly, runs "like a watch" carburetorates perfectly with nice clean tan plugs. Zero smoke from pipes. Engine was cleaned, painted and polished.
Rebuilt gages with new correct gage faces, all cables are new, new Michelin tires and tubes, new seat cover and correct trim, new NOS front fender, front disc pads and fresh brake fluid, original complete air box with new original Honda paper element, wheels were totally disassembled and rebuilt with new bearings ,seals, spokes and hubs polished. front rim has perfect original chrome, rear rim was replaced with original spec rim. Forks were rebuild with new upper fork tubes "old ones were pitted", new seals, gators and fresh oil. Exhaust system is an exact reproduction unit sold by David Silvers Spares in the UK. Exact spec as OEM, double wall pipes, baffling, etc. I have the original pipe set which had a couple of dents and a hastily repaired area.
Information about 1975 Honda CB for sale on this page. See price and photos of the CB Honda
These are included in the sale. New MotoBatt AGM battery, new exact repro rear shocks "have originals also". Frame paint is excellent and the body parts have had a very nice respray. Most parts were procured thru David Silvers Spares UK and Partzilla USA. Original key works ignition, fuel cap, seat lock. Also includes original Honda tool kit and owners manual.
This bike shows and rides great. A great addition to any collection. The 550's have not jumped in value like the 750's have yet. You can be sure the value on these are going to follow the 750's in time. I am selling only because I'm running out of room and just purchased two more bikes. :) I have photo documentation of the restoration process and this will be included with the sale. Serious bidders feel free to call me with any specific questions. [hidden information]
Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser, I will assist your shipper from my home. $500 non-refundable deposit is required with 24hrs of purchase.
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Item ID: 218462
Sale price: $ 6000
Motorcycle location: Humble, Texas, United States
Last update: 5.06.2021
Views: 3
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1975 Honda CB Used
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