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1975 Pontiac Grandville Used Convertible 455ciL Gasoline Automatic Brougham Convertible only 69k Original Miles! Must See!

$ 2550

Body Type:Convertible
Exterior Color:Red
Number of Cylinders:8
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:White
Trim:Brougham Convertible only 69k Original Miles! Must See!
Vehicle Title:Clear
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Red
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Interior Color:White
:“Beautiful Example”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

[hidden information]
611 Alicia Rd
Lakeland Florida 33801
1975 Pontiac Grandville Brougham
Vehicle Information
2R67W5P[hidden information]
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NO RESERVE!!Amazing 1975 Pontiac Grandville Brougham ConvertiblePowered by 455ci V8 EnginePaired with Automatic TransmissionRed Exterior with White Interior69,064 Actual MilesPontiac Wheels with Chrome Beauty RimsWhite Wall TiresBench SeatOriginal Owners ManualsWarranty PapersWindow StickerOriginal Build Sheet from Pontiac Historical SocietyPower WindowsPower SteeringPower BrakesDash does have a small crack under Dash CoverBeautiful Example Ready to Enjoy!
Feel free to call us anytime!7 Days a week!Financing available!Call Danat[hidden information]SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PICTURES!
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[hidden information]
611 Alicia Rd
Lakeland Florida 33801
Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
Stock Number: 21865
VIN Number: 2R67W5P[hidden information]
Make: Pontiac
Model: Grandville
Model Year: 1975
Exterior Color: Red
Vehicle Trim: Brougham Convertible
Body Type: Convertible
Interior Color: White
Fuel Type: Gasoline
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611 Alicia Rd
Lakeland Florida 33801
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Information about 1975 Pontiac Grandville for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Grandville Pontiac Red Brougham Convertible only 69k Original Miles! Must See! 455ci

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NO RESERVE!!Amazing 1975 Pontiac Grandville Brougham ConvertiblePowered by 455ci V8 EnginePaired with Automatic TransmissionRed Exterior with White Interior69,064 Actual MilesPontiac Wheels with Chrome Beauty RimsWhite Wall TiresBench SeatOriginal Owners ManualsWarranty PapersWindow StickerOriginal Build Sheet from Pontiac Historical SocietyPower WindowsPower SteeringPower BrakesDash does have a small crack under Dash Cover

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Item Information

Item ID: 202970
Sale price: $ 2550
Car location: Lakeland, Florida, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 9.02.2021
Views: 62
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1975 Pontiac Grandville Used Convertible 455ciL Gasoline Automatic Brougham Convertible only 69k Original Miles! Must See!
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