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1976 Honda CR Used

$ 2950

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“She is a BEAUTIFUL+EASY STARTING GREAT RUNNING California Bike Dry Stored 20+ years RUNS STRONG & SUPER TORQUIE~75'MT125 ELSINORE Eng & 74 CR125M HONDA RACING Pipe Making this "SUPER EASY &"BIG FUN"to RIDE Bike for RIDERS of ALL ABILITIES"_We nearly Completely Disassembled the main Components of this ENTIRE Wonderful Bike did a fairly Thorough Cosmetic "Restoration" (IE) Cleaned & Refinished & or Repainted nearly Every main Part & then reassembled her "Piece by Piece" By Hand " Installed ~New High Quality MX Racing Tires + Tubes.+YES ! She still has Her Original 76' Adjustable Air HONDA ELSINORE MX RACING Rear Shocks+ Orig 76'Forks etc in Great looking Shape !She has Her 1976 Original Factory HONDA CR125M "FUEL TANK" in GREAT SHAPE & Brand New "Two Part Urethane" BULLET PROOF" 1973-74 CR125 REPLICA Paint Work & Graphics ! ! ! She still has Her ORIGINAL 1976 HONDA Factory installed D.I.D. ALLOY wheels in GREAT Condition+YES ! Her ORIGINAL 1976 HONDA seat was "REBUILT From the FRAME UP"”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Low Hour" ( Her extensive Just Completed Cosmetic Restoration) 1973-74 HONDA
CR250M ELSINORE REPLICA "VINTAGE MX RACER " Built from a 1976 CR 125M Donor.... WHY PAY
~$9K " when You can get More Low & Mid Range Torque + Superior & Low Speed Response &
~"FIFTY PERCENT GREATER Suspension" ? ? ? ? (IE) 1973 CR 125M like
Looks with FAR MORE ADVANCED 1976 CR 125M Chassis + Greater Flywheel
Action MT125 ELSINORE Engine...So You end up with a Super FUN Easy to
Ride Bike With POWER From the Ground Up !
"This could be a SUPER FUN + SUPER EASY TO RIDE" ..."GREAT "MOVING UP" Bike" !!!!!
NOTE: A Nice Example of a 1974 HONDA ELSINORE Value Guides
("BLUE BOOKS") for Nearly $9,000.00 US Dollars ! & this 1974 CR 125M
REPLICA Built from a 76 CR 125M Donor That Gives Her About 50% GREATER SUSPENSION
She's FAR MORE EASY TO RIDE (IE) FAR Torqu-ier MT 125 ELSINORE Engine &
Far Better Low & MID Speed
Response ! =Far easier to Ride & FAR MORE FORGIVING TO RIDE for Most
Riders with FAR More Flywheel Effect & with Her Tuned Factory 1973-4 HONDA CR125M TUNED
Racing Pipe & Vintage "Pickle" Silencer... She's SUPER EASY & FUN & She Really Gets up & Goes !!
a Plain Jane faded orange on orange super pumpkin Ugly (Non 1973-4 Replica)
1976 CR would book for ~$5,000.00 nearly double my No Brainer Buy it Now
THIS STUNNING & Super Easy to Ride & Torque-ie BEAUTY I feel
is the is the Very Best of All
Worlds 1973-74 "ELSINORE CR 125 M" REPLICA Built from a 1976 CR 125M
HONDA ELSINORE ! ! ! With this Wonderful Bike you get 1974 HONDA
ELSINORE LIKE LOOKS & Paint + Graphics & Thanks to Her MT 125
Engine She is FAR Easier to Ride for Most Riders with More Torque &
Far Better Low Speed Response & Greater Flywheel Effect (The MT
ELSINORE Engine Unlike a CR the MT ELSINORE engine actually Runs Great
WAY Under 5K
RPM). & With Her CR 125 Factory HONDA Tuned Pipe & Vintage " PICKLE " Style Silencer Her MT Engine
Has GREAT Super Strong & Very USABLE Horse Power form Idle "All the Way Up Her RPM
Get the Very Best of All Worlds (IE) Vastly Superior 1973 - 1974 Looks
CR 125 style Looks & Graphics + Paint work (Most Enthusiasts State
the 1973-4 ELSINORE is "One of the Very Best Looking & Super Nimble Vintage RACING M/C
Ever Built & We made Her FAR Easier to ride with a FAR More Tractable
HONDA ELSINORE MT 125cc engine
(FAR MORE Torque + Greater Flywheel Effect + FAR Better Lower & Mid
RPM Response & Therefore FAR More Easy to Ride....for Most Riders
& BY
FAR More Easy for intermediate Enthusiasts ..(IE) it is
Far less peaky again...& BEST OF ALL unlike a CR engine " She actually has GREAT USEABLE POWER Well Under 5K RPM " ! !
! (This Wonderful Bikes HONDA MT ELSINORE engine
pulls from ~Idle all the way up) & She has Great Power &
Torque+ Low & Mid Speed response...& also Thanks to
its 1973-74 CR 125M HONDA Tuned Racing Pipe & Vintage "PICKLE" Silencer She Definitely Really Gets Up &
Goes ...GREAT ! ! ! !
STARTS Quick & Easy + Runs & Shifts GREAT
& Has "Mountains of COMPRESSION" I think for a Bike with this kind of Super Great Low
& Mid Speed response ... I think "SHE IS A SUPER FUN..."TRUE SUPER EASY TO RIDE & SUPER FUN ...FIRE BREATHING Sport Bike "
"YET still a SUPER EASY for most any Intermediate Riders & Very Easy to Ride Bike to Ride " for most riders so
Again....."This could be a Great
Moving up bike" !!!!!
......& Her Clutch Grips Well + Her Shifter + Brakes
etc etc etc
All Work GREAT etc etc
Please Note: The
LEGENDARY 1973-74 CR 125M HONDA "ELSINORE" is said by Most all
Motorcycle Enthusiasts to be one of the Very Best Looking VINTAGE MOTOCROSS
RACERs EVER MADE & also one of the VERY BEST
HANDLING Vintage Racers of this Era....This Beauty is the very Best of
All Worlds With Her 73-74 Honda CR 125M REPLICA Looks & Her Super
Torqu-ie GREAT RUNNING ~1975 125 MT HONDA ELSINORE Engine & She Makes Very
Respectable & Very Usable Power with Her 1973 CR 125M HONDA Tuned Racing Pipe & with Her GREAT HANDLING Super Nimble 1976 CR125M SUPERIOR donor Chassis & ~FIFTY PERCENT BETTER (SUPERIOR) Suspension
ITEM and also PLEASE get permission from you Spouse, parents etc etc as
by bidding you are entering a Biding Contract.... Thank You in advance
for bidding responsibly as this requires a Good Faith Non Refundable 275 US D Deposit > > >
"This Legendary Racer was "BY FAR ...ONE OF THE VERY BEST Japanese Production
MOTOCROSS Racer You could buy at this time " ! ! & With Her Super
Torqu-ie + Greater Flywheel Effect HONDA MT 125cc Engine & 1973 CR 125 Tuned RACING Pipe..
Please see attached pictures of some of my Bikes Shown in the WORLDS LARGEST MOTORCYCLE SHOW
Please see attached pictures of some of my Bikes Shown in the WORLDS LARGEST MOTORCYCLE SHOW..
In the Coveted "Vintage Japanese M/C Clubs" Booth also the "ALL JAPANESE VINTAGE M/C Clubs" Booth
have had over 30 of my Personal collection Bikes Featured in this Show
alone in these Clubs Booth....The last two bikes pictured (the 1970-Candy Red
Yamaha DT1 250 ENDURO also the 1978 YAMAHA 250 YZ) were sold
right after the show to the "HUGE FIVE STORY" HIGH ! ! ! "NEW ENGLAND
CR 250 Bike You are Currently looking at" !!!!!I have sold many of my bikes to Film & Commercial Film Producers, & Many Museums all over the World.
Price is FIRM & Please, I have a TON of Time & Money
invested in this Wonderful Legendary 1973 HONDA CR 125M (built from a Superior Suspension 1976 CR 125M VINTAGE MOTOCROSS
RACER Donor & HONDA 125cc MT Engine & Tuned 1973 CR 125 Racing pipe....Therefore, I am sorry I will not respond to Low Ball offers
This is a VINTAGE MOTO CROSS Dirt Racing motocycle intended for use on Private MX RAcing Tracks (IE) Like
any Race Car or Typically
a Vintage Motocross Racing Motorcycle like this is used on Private MX
Tracks & therefore She needs only a Notarized California DMV
of Ownership form to go from owner to owner here in California.."More
Great News" This
Beauty has been in Storage for ~25+ years & therefore has fallen
off the DMV System computers (Again, Which is Really Good News)....
& YES !
....I have run, the DMV Current Computers Print Out on
this Wonderful Bike that Proves: "SHE IS 100% FREE & CLEAR" of any
back DMV Fees.(IE) She has "NO" Back License Fees & "NO" Back
Taxes, & "NO" Back Registrations &
"NO" Back Penalties etc etc
owing on this bike at this time ! ! ! .SO YES !!! "SHE IS 100% FREE & CLEAR" of any
back DMV Fees .THIS BEAUTY Has
Been in Dry Covered Storage for `25+ Years & Therefore Has Long
Fallen off the DMV Systems Computers (Which is Really Good News ! ! ! )
& YES! I have run the Current & 100% Clean DMV Computer File on
This WONDER MOTORCYCLE THE DMV Computer Files which "Proves she is 100%
FREE & CLEAR of any & ALL Back Fees" (IE) there will be NO
back fees + NO back taxes & or fees + NO Back Registration fees +
"NO" back
License fees & NO Back penalties etc etc etc = "This is why the
Clean DMV record is such Really Good
News" ..Again, I will Also be including with the Notarized
PAPERWORK for this VINTAGE "MOTO CROSS" RACING Motorcycle all of the
Below information & Instructions how to put Her back into service as
Beautiful Bike is at this time "100% FREE
& CLEAR" of any back DMV fees" as she has NO back fees & is 100%
Free & Clear of any back:(IE) NO back License fees, NO Back Taxes
or NO back DMV Penalties etc as it has been in storage for many years
(25+ years) & is currently 100% out of the DMV Computer System So
this Wonderful Vintage Racing Bike has NO Back fees No Back Penalties
and NO back License fees etc etc Owing on Her at this time ..& YES !
...I will Also be including a
REASSIGNMENT FORM" (DMV Bill of Sale Equiv. ) from myself to you the new
owner.. which
from what I hear in neighboring states, should be what you need to Vintage Race this & or to
register her In California & if you live outside
of California you may want to look into what your local requirements may
be But for a Vintage Racing Bike this should cover you. ... If you want
to Vintage Race this bike... the NOTARIZED California DMV Form # Reg262 (rev.10/2010) "VEHICAL/VESSEL TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP & REASSIGNMENT FORM"
(a Notarized California DMV bill of sale equivalent) is all you will
need hee in California ..Again, I have already run the California
Department of Motor Vehicles Current DMV Computer Print Out on this
Wonderful Bike that shows that because this Beauty was in
storage for the past Two & a Half decades
& because of this SHE IS FREE & CLEAR of and and all back fees
& or penalties etc etc ...(IE) Again, there are NO current DMV
Computer records
Wonderful bike & therefore there will be "NO back License Fees"NO
back Penalty fees" and "NO back
taxes" etc etc.
Information about 1976 Honda CR for sale on this page. See price and photos of the CR Honda
owed on this Wonderful Dirt Vintage Motocross
Motorcycle Racing Bike. If you live inside
California & If you Race Vintage Bike
Meets on Private MotoCross Tracks
etc or (Vintage Bike Shows etc) the Notarized Calif. DMV "Bill of Sale" is
all you will need. If for some reason want to go cow trail ridding
on California etc
Government National Forest Land etc.. & feel you a may want a
National Forest etc DMV "Green Sticker" My Vehicle Registration Office
said that because this bike had been in covered storage for many years
(nearly the last 3 decades) therefore if you live here in California
feel for some reason you want or feel you need a California Forestry
Land Green sticker (to ride in Government Forest etc Land) Again it will
be Easy because this bike is currently off the DMV Computer records &
therefore there will be NO back fees (as after about 10 or 12 years DMV Computer
records fall off the DMV Computers) and Again, a California National
Forest sticker is not required for MX & Other Race
tracks and also NOT required for Vintage Shows etc etc etc here in
California & also a California
National Forest California Green sticker is not required if you live out of state etc
etc etc).
Beauty is a Vintage Motocross Racing Motorcycle that has been in Dry
Storage for Decades...(IE) She still has Her Original 1976 Factory HONDA
installed ORIGINAL CR 125cc Allow Wheels + forks + tank + Frame etc etc
Starts Quick & Super Easy & Runs GREAT Has
"Mountains of COMPRESSION" & I think for as Easy that She is to Ride
for a 125cc bike "SHE IS A "TRULY Easy & Predictable to Ride ..especially for a Very Quick Yet Super Easy for most
intermediate Riders to Have Great Fun With " & With Her SUPER TORQUIE MT ELSINORE ENGINE & 1973 CR
125M Tuned Racing Pipe & VINTAGE "PICKLE" STYLE Silencer She Really
Gets Around Amazingly Well !!!!!
& Her Clutch Grips Well + Her Shifter + Brakes etc etc etc Works
etc etc
Over the last year I nearly Completely
Disassembled much of this ENTIRE Wonderful Bike did a fairly Thorough
Cosmetic "Restoration" (IE) Cleaned & Refinished & or Repainted
nearly Every main Part & then reassembled Her "Piece by Piece" By
Hand " Installed ~New High Quality MX Racing Tires + Tubes.. YES
! She still has Her Original HONDA ELSINORE MX RACING Reservoir Rear
Shocks Forks etc in Great looking Shape !
has Her 1976 Original Factory HONDA CR125M "FUEL TANK" in GREAT SHAPE &
Brand New "Two Part Urethane" BULLET PROOF" 1973-74 REPLICA paint work
& Graphics ! ! !
still has Her ORIGINAL 1976 HONDA Factory installed D.I.D.
style ALLOY wheels Look to be in GREAT Condition + YES ! Her ORIGINAL 1973-4
HONDA seat was
Please see attached click on included pictures of some of my Bikes Shown in the WORLDS LARGEST MOTORCYCLE SHOW
In the Coveted Vintage Japanese M/C Clubs Booth also the ALL JAPANESE VINTAGE M/C Clubs Booth
have had over 30 of my Personal collection Bikes Featured in this Show
alone in these Clubs Booth....The two bikes pictured (the 1970-Candy Red
Yamaha DT1 250 ENDURO also the 1978 YAMAHA 250 YZ) were sold
right after the show to the "HUGE FIVE STORY" HIGH ! ! ! "NEW ENGLAND
CR 125 REPLICA Bike You are Currently looking at " Built from a 1976 CR 125 Donor & MT 125 HONDA ELSINORE ENGINE!!!!!Her
Price is FIRM Please, I have a TON of Time Money
invested in this Wonderful Legendary HONDA CR 125M VINTAGE MOTOCROSS
RACER....Therefore, I am sorry I will not respond to Low Ball offers
* PLEASE NOTE: I think this is a SUPER FUN & Relatively SUPER EASY TO RIDE VINTAGE RACER BIKE+ Very Nice looking Bike in very Nice
Overall Condition...However, If you are looking for a Perfect Bike or a
Vintage Show or Concourse show bike etc etc please look elsewhere as I
feel this is just a Nice Looking & Great Running Bike that we are
selling at a Fraction ("About HALF") of the Book value is for a
Nice Example of
one of these Original Series Wonderful HONDA ELSINORE CR 125M with Her
Vintage `75 ELSIONRE MT 125 engine with FAR GREATER Flywheel Action + FAR Torquier
She is FAR Easier for Intermediate Riders to Ride with her HONDA ELSINORE FAR GREATER FLYWHEEL EFFECT Vintage MT
125 Engine ...So,
if you are looking for a Great Looking & "SUPER FUN" Vintage Racing bike
However, If you are a Nit
Picker that can't be pleased & or are looking for a near Perfect or
High Point Concourse bike etc etc ...Please do everyone else &
Please do
every Reasonable Person involved in this auction a "HUGE" favor &
look elsewhere & Please save your money as what you think you are
looking for or think you have to have ...typically go for something
Far Closer to Around $10,000.00 (wit hWay less useable Power Band & FAR LESS SUSPENSION + Around here. However, If you have
Expectations this may be a Great opportunity to get a Very Nice &
SUPER FUN + Great Running Bike for Peanuts that ...& it's value will
most likely Continue to Keep going Up & Up the Next few years ( "I was told these went up about 10+ PERCENT just this past year Alone" ! ! ! !
! ) as
these are Rapidly becoming Harder and Harder to find in reasonably Nice
condition like this Wonderful Bike..
Auctions Bidding Rules: This is a fairly Big ticket item
so please
NEGATIVE feedback bidders or if you are new to ebay (less than 90 days)
& or have less than 10 feedbacks (Large Items not socks &
paper clips etc etc ) ... If not please email me &
approval "PRIOR" to bidding or your bid may be removed etc * Please Ask
all your questions and Please Do your Research + Inspections etc etc
"PRIOR" to bidding on this
item. (As I am not at all sympathetic to bidders that try to tie up an
item as that form of Irresponsible bidding behavior.. just ruins the
auction for everyone else involved with it.) ...Also, AGAIN... PLEASE,
work out all shipping details & Know what
Transporting will cost you BEFORE You Bid !, Buyer is responsible for & pays for any and all shipping
involved with this item .Also, Please make sure your
spouse is 100% up for this..* Winning bidder must
contact us within 24 hours by phone & also, Place a Non Refundable 275 US
dollar pay pal deposit (I will email you my phone number & Wire info
after the close of auction). * & Also... Balance of ALL Negotiable Funds must
received within 3 days
of close of auction.>* * * If these have not been done * Please Note
*... You will be in default of this auction. & will very likely
lose your deposit if the winning bidder flakes out & is not
responsible on the funding of this AMAZING Classic Vintage Beauty .* * *
this is paid off (in required three (3) M-S
days) I am willing to store the it
for up to 2 weeks in my garage from close of auction while you arrange
pickup & I will gladly assist you with
shipping to any International
or Domestic
Shipper in the Los
Harbor area for only 25 US D..
Seller reserves the right
to the close of this auction at his discretion prior to the end of this
auction . Like all real auctions all sales are final. Like most any used
item terms of
sale are of
course, AS IS with no implied or expressed warranties. and purchaser assumes all risk for the use of this Wonderful Motorcycle.
All forms of payment
must be Proven "Cleared" by my bank before this Wonderful Bike can leave
my homes garage. Please do us both a Big Favor and Please do not bid on
this item unless you are able to 100% Fund this at this time, unless
prior arrangements have been made & Cleared by me (Prior to bidding
on this item). Thank You, Good Luck and Happy Bidding !
my eye ...I
think She looks Great ! ...I
have always been very Proud of this Particularly Beautiful =SUPER FUN & GREAT RUNNING 1973 HONDA
ELSINORE CR125M REPLICA Built from a 1976 Vintage CR 125cc RACING Bike
with Her FAR Torqu-ier MT 125 ELSINORE Engine...& Even in 2020 She LOOKS
She Starts Quick + Easy & She Runs &
Shifts & Stops ...GREAT ! these HONDA ELSINORE CR125M Vintage RACING Bikes Are Super Great Handling & Well Balanced & the Amazing MT 125 ELSINORE Engines are Famous for being
Typically Easy Starting + Overall Dependable
& Reliable Particularly compared to Many other Racing Bikes of this Era That unlike many other Vintage Bikes These
Original Series HONDA ELSINOREs Are a True "JOY to Behold !
& Are "Perfectly Balanced" & "Very Forgiving to Ride" ..& Vintage Racing Enthusiasts & Everyone I have ever meet seem
be in Total agreement that .... "TheseHONDA ELSINORE CR125M Vintage RACING
Bikes are
& also many people use these a lot for Vintage Racing ! & Quite
Possibly These are without Question with Her GREAT RUNNING HONDA ELSINORE 125 MT engine Should be "One of the Very Most
RELIABLE & All Purpose
Use-able POWER VINTAGE Racing Bikes I have ridden in
the past FIVE decades Since the late 1950's !" ((...& in the late
1960's & 1970's I was a contributing "Technical
Editor" for "CYCLE NEWS" Magazine (at that time it was the Largest
Motorcycle Publication on EARTH ! ! !)) & I wrote & Published
"FIFTEEN" Four to
Five Page
Featured Technical Articals for "CYCLE NEWS" Magazine & I was also a
Four+ Year Sponsored *750 Open Class* Mainly "TT" SCRAMBLES & Flat
Tracking " etc (IE) I was a Sponsored Racer for "BULTACO" Motorcycles
(Most of the
time on a 360 cc "El Bandito" Two Stroke 68-71
!!!! ) in & 250's 1971 to 1974 So ...No One
Loves a
TRULY Great "Two Stroke" Dirt Bike like thisHONDA ELSINORE CR125M with MT 125 ELSINORE engine "SUPER FUN & EASY TO RIDE.. Vintage RACING Bike
...more than Me !
....and again ........If you Pass Up
Wonderful Bike where will you ever find a SUPER FUN & EASY TO RIDE HONDA ELSINORE CR125M Vintage RACING Bike with a Low Hour Engine & Chassis !!! and also so little use & abuse on Her ! ?
Shipping Details:
Again, If this bikes ends up going to be sent
Internationally to Europe Australia etc etc I will deliver this Beauty
to any Los Angeles or Orange County (Calif)
International Shipper for only an additional 25 dollars ..
Hi, Everyone...I Have had a lot of emails asking me
about Shipping Quotes...To get a Good & or Very Fair Deal on
Shipping ..I would get as many Quotes as possible...Otherwise, you will
pay Way Too Much...I would try where shippers Competitively
bid to get your Shipping business. To do this properly, Get as Many
Competitive Rates as you can (so you will know when a fair rate presents
it'self)..Also the initial bids you will receive are almost always the Highest Bids You will receive....
also to protect yourself. You need to get the
quotes yourself ...& Therefore...(IE) you will need to get your own
quotes for shipping, I believe ebay may
have a shipping service for vehicles... also, can be
competitive "if you take your time & get plenty of shipping Bids for
this" ...
* * Several Months ago Someone bought my 1975 400 Yamaha Enduro (which
Weights I think about a Hundred Pounds More than this Wonderful Bike)
the YAMAHA 400 Enduro
about $ 400 to go from here (Los Angeles, Calif.) to North Carolina.
& a 400
YAMAHA IT ENDURO to Florida went for around $ 350...PLEASE NOTE: My
is a GREAT Place to get a Shipping Quote From !!! (IE) I live just ~5
Miles North of the Los
Angeles Harbor (Long Beach) Harbor (LA IS THE LARGEST SHIPPING PORT IN
WORLD") & ~8 Miles South of the Los Angeles "Commercial District"..
so "EVERY DAY A Zillions ("MANY") Trucks".. Leave this area to go to
the Entire rest of the
Country ...(IE) all you need to do is find a truck that has a little
extra space & Trust me their Rates will be FAR Better than someone
that the is no where near this area & trip is not
on their way & or Not Convenient for them or ? . Therefore, the
more Quotes you get the Better the Shipping Rate
will be to your home (So "YES" get lots of Quotes).
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please email
us. be sure to tell Each Shipper that this is a Very "LIGHT" ~170 pound weight
(I believe, under 200 pounds) Competitive Vintage Racing Bike and NOT a 800 or 900+
Harley etc. (Relatively a TANK in comparison) or something (IE) Trust
Me.."Mentioning that Fact
will Save you
a lot of Money") ...I live in Long Beach , Lakewood Village / Lakewood
Country Club Area Just north of Long Beach , California Zip =

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Item ID: 191888
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Motorcycle location: Long Beach, California, United States
Last update: 10.11.2020
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