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1976 Honda Gl1000 LTD

$ 2226

Model:GL1000 LTD 1976
Number of Gears:5
Modified Item:No
Type:Road bike
Engine Capacity (cc):1000
Start Type:Electric start
For sale by:Private seller
Product Type:Classic, Collector Bikes
Gears:Five-speed manual
Drive Type:Shaft
:“Good condition collectable classic motorcycle.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Honda GL1000 LTD 1976Vin number: GL1-[hidden information]Engine number: GL1E-[hidden information]Opportunity to purchase a rare Australian delivered LTD Goldwing.It is one of very few remaining of this special model brought into Australia.This is the special 1976 commemorative model with extra features only for this model.Correct engine and frame numbers.Condition of the bike is generally good for its age but needs some work to complete it as a regular rider orthepurchaser can restore to its former glory.I have spent time going thru the bike to make sure it is complete including many small components which would normally be hard to source.Paintwork on the faux tank panels is excellent. Panels are in excellent condition with no cracks or damage.The side covers are in good conditionwith the left side needing a small repair....see picture.The hard to find LTD side cover emblems are in good condition,Seat has been nicely recovered but needs the chrome trims.The engine has been rebuilt and repainted, but still needs wiring and cables connected before starting.Radiator needs to be connected as well.Engine rebuild includes:Cylinders honed, crank and camshafts linished, new piston rings, new big end bearings, new gearbox bearings, new seals, heads rebuilt, new timing belts etc.Purchaser should replace the water pump… new one supplied with the bike.Carburetors completely overhauled using Randakk rebuild kits.They have been installed on the engine ready for starting.Throttle cables and fuel lines need to be connected.Brakes:Calipers and master cylinders are complete, but need rebuilding.The chrome plated components are good for their age with no rust.Comes with the special chrome plated tool kit in its leather tool roll.Has the kick starter lever…often missing on early Goldwings.Exhaust header pipes are in excellent condition and are ceramic coated.

Exhaust muffler is in great condition…very hard to find a good one these days.I have repainted it and fitted brand new chrome tailpipes to it.Fuel tank is rusty inside but I will supply another tank which has been de-rusted andcleaned internally and lined using “Redcoat”The wheels are in goodcondition but the rims have been painted by the previous owner.Worth cleaning up before fitting new tyres….the existing tyres are old and hard.The bike also comes with an original LTD rear wheel which is anodized gold andis correct for this model.Instruments are original with the mileage shown as 84,000 which I believe is correct.Bike is unregistered and will be sold “as is”Inspections welcome.Happy to deliver in SE Qld or can arrange delivery anywhere at buyers cost.

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Item Information

Item ID: 191933
Sale price: $ 2226
Motorcycle location: Tamborine Mountain, Australia
Last update: 10.11.2020
Views: 31
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1976 Honda Gl1000 LTD
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