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1976 Husqvarna WR 250

$ 1500

Exterior Color:Red
Engine Size (cc):250
Model:WR 250
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
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This bike was completely disassembled and rebuilt. The frame was powder coated. The engine was disassembled, soda blasted, powder coated and rebuilt. Most of the bolts and fasteners were replaced.  It has Works rear shocks, Expansion chamber, and Aluminum triple tree's. Below is a list of some of the parts that were replaced.

                                    engines seals
                                     New seat
                                     first over complete Cylinder sleeve with piston 
                                             Complete Engine Gasket set
                                             Complete engine bolt kit
                                             Front 12 tooth sprocket
                                             Rear 53 tooth sprocket
                                             Clutch cable
                                             Handle bars
                                      M8 X 130 Engine mount
                                      M8 X 105 Engine mount
                                      Swing Arm Bolt
                                      Swing Arm Bushing
                                      Buffer fork stop
                                      bushing brake arm
                                      rubber tank support
                                      rear tank holder
                                      Front axle nut
                                      Front axle bolt
                                      Rear axle bolt
                                      Distance sleeve rear wheel
                                      distance sleeve rear wheel

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Sale price: $ 1500
Motorcycle location: Dallas, Texas, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 23.09.2018
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1976 Husqvarna WR 250
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