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1976 Porsche 914 Used

$ 25100

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Condition of the car I would use is very good. The odd paint chip and a few very minor scratches.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

I bought this car 2 1/2 years ago from California and it has mostly sat in my garage since putting a little over 2,000 miles on it. Most of those were highway runs to the beach at 200 miles each. Recently serviced I put the turbo style valve covers on, oil change, filter and an overall inspection of the chassis components. I will have the alignment/wheels balanced before shipping since the suspension was adjusted up about an inch when serviced. Love the car but have 5 others and this does not get the use it should. There are two removable roof panels shown in last photos (also shows a rear spoiler that has since been removed). The car does NOT have the emergency brake installed, I have all the components in a box and never got around to it.
Information about 1976 Porsche 914 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 914 Porsche
Below is the description of the car when purchased and has not really changed since then other than the mileage. I have 2 additional manual wing style mirrors painted to match the car. There is a wiper sweep on the windshield but not imposing. It is an extremely well performing car, handling/stopping/acceleration incredible. I have owned at least 10 911's over the years and a few 928's and this by far has been the most entertaining to drive.I have more photos available or if you want to see something specific I will take more.
Oh yes the often asked question of how to get a Canadian car into the USA. I have a shipping contact which will pick the car up here, take over the border and drop in a holding yard in the Detroit area which I have used several times over the years. Purchaser would arrange shipping from the Detroit area. I understand everything else to register it is done at a state level. Keep in mind the car was a USA car until 2 years ago. Cost would be about US$300.
Rims are not original Fuchs, replicas 16 x 9 with Toyo Proxy 245/45 16ZR which I am sure are at least at the 5 year mark but in great condition.I am away a few days at a time so may take a few hours or so to respond to any questions but I will respond.Description when I purchased.
-brakes are amazing with all four corners upgraded to Boxster
calipers and rotors,
-Interior authentic leather including the Corbeau Classics
Seats, dash, backpad etc
- professionally stripped, steel flares welded in, and
refinished metallic black with hint of imbedded blue.
- The targa roof was sanded smooth and painted to match,
chrome trim media blasted, painted black.
- Bumper Back-date
Patrick Motorsports Conversion Kit:
*Engine Mount
*Oil Cooler
*Oil neck and Dipstick
*Oil Line Set
*Oil Line Thermostat Set
*Remote Oil Filter Console
*Throttle Cable Conversion Kit
*Wiring Conversion Kit
*914 Clutch Conversion Kit w/ Stage 2 Kennedy Clutch
* All Oil Lines Stainless Steel Braided and AN fitted
Complete 1986 Carrera 3.2 EFI Engine
-70,000 original miles
-Top End rebuilt with Aasco valve springs and Titanium
-DME Updated to 28-pin and Custom Chip added (91 Octane)
-Ceramic Coated 914-6 Headers
-Dansk Sport Exhaust (Dual In/Dual Out)
Stock 901 transmission rebuilt by PSH (Murph)
and Brakes
Tarret Front Sway Bar - J. West Co.
Tarret Rear Monoball Shock Mounts
Front/ Rear Suspension & Brake Upgrade - Johnson Motor Sports
Front:: Carrera 911 front Struts with Hubs
Raise Spindles (+15mm)
Struts stripped for powder coating Black
Strut and Dust Boot powder coated
Service Hubs (bearings, races, seals)
Front German Carrera Vented Rotors (24mm)
Boxster Front Caliper Set (new)
Front Boxster brake adapter set with mounting bolts
Semi-Metallic front brake pad set - Boxster
Rear: Porsche 5x130mm Rear Hub modification, blasted,
Verbus rear wheel studs
Heavy duty 914 bearings
Rear German 911 Vented Rotors (20mm)
Boxster Rear Caliper Set (new)
Rear Caliper Banjo Bolt Set for inlets
Rear Boxster brake adapter set with mounting bolts
Semi-Metallic rear brake pad set - Boxster
Bilstein Shocks – Performance Parts Inc.
Brake Master Cylinder upgrade 19mm, new fluid of
200Lb Rear Springs
Engine Compartment Sound Matting
New Bosch Starter
D.O.T. Stainless Steel Brake Lines
New Optima Red-Top Battery
New Pedal Pads - gas, brake, and clutch - Pelican Parts
New Turbo Tie-Rods
Steel Flares all welded –Auto Atlanta
914 Bumper Backdate '74 – powder coated black,
New Rubber Dog Bone set - 914Rubber Inc.
Porsche Crest Emblems/gaskets mounted on Front lid and Rear
back panel - factory Porsche
Rubber Bumper Tops - front & rear - 914Rubber Co.
New "PORSCHE" Silver Lettering across engine lid
Replacement 914 Fog Light install with new grills- factory
Replacement 914 Rear Valence
Replacement 914 Front GT Valence with Oil Cooler Cut
Replacement 914 rear lid Spoiler
European amber/red/clear Tail Light Lenses (2) – Auto Atlanta
European amber/clear Directional Signal Lenses (2) – Auto Atlanta
FG Rocker Panels and jack tube Covers – Auto Atlanta
New Bosch 13 in wiper blades - Driving Source Co.
New HP Front Head Lamps
New J. West fuse box upgrade,
New Pioneer Radio,& Amp installed in rear trunk
Sparco Quick Release Steering Wheel,
Stainless Steel Dash face Replacement Kit – Auto Atlanta
Carpet Set - thick style-plus New roof liner- Auto Atlanta
Weather stripping Kit install – Auto Atlanta
Turn Signal Lever on steering column
Rear View Mirror - factory Porsche
driver's side Horn - Hella red
Sound-Dampening Dyno-Matting beneath carpeting – Auto Motion
Set of knob lenses, vent, heater pull handle knob, engine
compartment & front lid Pull Knobs – Auto Atlanta
Leather Reupholstered Dash - 914AP Co
Leather Reupholstered Under Dash - 914AP Co.
Leather Reupholstered Dual Gauge "A" Race Pillar
unit- 914AP Co.
Leather Reupholstered Sun Visors - 914AP Co, plus new visor
hinge set – Auto Atlanta
Leather Re-upholstered Center Cushion, and tray - 914AP
Leather Re-upholstered Back Pad - 914AP Co.
Leather Reupholstered Corbeau Seats- Auto Atlanta and 914AP
Leather Reupholstered Appearance Package Triple-Gauge
Console unit w/ 6.5in SubWoofer-914AP Co.
Gauge Bezel Set (5), satin finish -
New Speaker Grill- with integral Speaker Pods (2) - 914AP
New F&R Lid Latch Kit, & Springs, Rear 2ea (Lid
Hinge Rollers, Trunk Light, Lid Bumpers, Rubber Mounts for Targa Top)
New fuel lines
New speedometer cable
Transmission Oil change
Clutch cable replaced and adjusted

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Item ID: 187132
Sale price: $ 25100
Car location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Last update: 15.10.2020
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1976 Porsche 914 Used
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