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1977 Honda Other

$ 987

1977 Honda Other for Sale
1977 Honda Other for Sale1977 Honda Other for Sale
Exterior Color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clear
Sub Model (Optional):XL75


Barn find!!! 1977 Honda XL75 in almost perfect original condition. Less
than 500 actual miles on this little street legal dirt bike. Runs
great and even has the original tires. (I have a video of  it running that I would be glad to email to interested bidders.)  As you can see in photos it has
no rust and all the factory decals and warning stickers are still on the
bike. Always stored indoors.  There is a dent in gas tank that you can see in
photo. However the paint and decal are still perfect and could be removed
by one of the paint-less dent removal companies (dent wizard). Awesome
collectible or buy it and ride. They only made this model for 3 years beginning in 1977.  This particular one has a build date of December
1976 making it one of the first production units.  Call me with any questions [hidden information].

Item information

Sale price: $ 987
Motorcycle location: Elizabethtown, North Carolina, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 31.12.2018
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1977 Honda Other
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