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1978 Honda CB

$ 1275

1978 Honda CB for Sale
1978 Honda CB for Sale1978 Honda CB for Sale
Exterior Color:Black
Engine Size (cc):550
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Fair, original condition with good seat. Does have surface rust, dull paint, and repaired exhaust”
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I am selling my 1978 Honda CB550K Four. I bought this about 18 months ago for my brother as a gift after he crashed his CB250 Nighthawk when a dog ran out in front of him. The 3 CB500 Fours I had owned through the years had always been among my all-time favorite "riders". They feel a lot bigger than the CB350 and CB400 fours, plus they make considerably more power. I've owned 750 Fours too, but would rather ride the 500/550s for their balance and agility.
Unfortunately, he broke 3 ribs, collar bone, collapsed a lung, and without gloves had severe damage to his arms and hands that he could not recover from. He assured me this week that he would never ride again. The bike has been in my garage since the day I brought it home early in 2017. It starts and runs well, but it has not been ridden in the 19 months I've had it since he never insured it and thus never purchased a tag. It will need a carb cleaning as the #3 carb will over-flow, It starts/runs, but the carb cleaning will have to be done before riding.

I own this bike Free and Clear and will give the new owner a Notarized Bill of Sale along with the current, 2018 Vehicle Registration. I marked "Title Clear" but Alabama does/will not issue titles for anything 35 years or older. You can Google and see the same. My Notarized Bill of Sale and current Registration is all you'll need in any state to get that state's title and registration in your own name.
The bike is for sale "as is where is". I will be glad to assist your shipper with loading, but I do not have a dock nor will I crate, I will not deliver. U-Ship and many others offer good, low-cost, reliable transport service. I've owned nearly 100 motorcycles and ATV's and have used those services many times.
I have $1,600 invested and would love to get that or more back, but $1,200 is the least I will take before you ask. I've got a dozen more personal bikes and don't need another one, but 1 more won't be the end of the world.

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Sale price: $ 1275
Motorcycle location: Abbeville, Alabama, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 9.11.2018
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1978 Honda CB
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