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1978 Honda Civic Used Manual CVCC Hatchback 1.3L Gasoline

Sub Model:CVCC
Number of Cylinders:4
Body Type:Hatchback
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:FWD
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Selling my 1978 Honda Civic CVCC $5000 obo4 Speed ManualNon AC from FactoryFresh Paint and re-upholsterer seatsNew Tires
33k on Speedometer. New paint, mostly original interior and exterior, 32/36 Weber carburetor, ANSI exhaust, Tucked Front and rear bumpers. 4spd, manual, newly re-covered front seats, electronic ignition, new wires plugs and distributor. Runs and drives as it should. Shelby aluminum wheels. Front air dam. Serious buyers only. Call or text [hidden information] with any questions. Can arrange for pick up or deliver locally. Can assist with cross country or international transport. Bill of sale only, Currently Tagged and Registered in Georgia.
Runs and drives like it should.Everything works except radio
She isn't perfect but a damn good looking car for 40 years old.

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Item Information

Item ID: 105505
Car location: Statham, Georgia, United States
Last update: 5.02.2019
Views: 98
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1978 Honda Civic Used Manual CVCC Hatchback 1.3L Gasoline
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