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1978 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class For Sale

865 $
:Great resto- candidate or PARTS / AZ CAR / VIDEO LINK CLICK ON SEE FULL DESCRIPTION Year:1978 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):10704412048106 Mileage:125000 Model:SL-Class Vehicle Title:Clean Make:Mercedes-Benz Body Type:Convertible
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Item Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
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Seller Description

1978 Mercedes
450 SL
AZ survivor
80s period correct mods
NO RESERVE on it to win !
Nice Project or Parts car - comes with clean AZ
TITLE you pick whats next for its future.
Video link below of a walk around working on it
We suggest viewing our auction on normal large monitors
and or tablet to get the most out of our large easy to view pics.AZ Desert Survivor being sold by a very legit Ebay seller
If you have any concerns about our vehicle, ask us first.
FEEDBACK !!! if you cant take 10 min to read thru our feedback
on the cars we have sold here over the last 10 yrs.
This Az car is very solid car which did get some rust in a few
spots from the inside out (not from road salt)
This poor Benz was parked about 13 yrs ago due to the owner
had a stroke, and couldnt drive it anymore. From there is just sat
in the desert climate and slowly went down hill from there.
It is a 450 SL hardtop / convert with some really cool stuff on it
when it was built back in the 80s. Centra chrome 16" wheels /
Zender body kit / Euro Spec headlights and pretty sure it has a set
of Eibach springs too.
Sadly while sitting some glass got broken, letting the interior open
to the Az elements and it took some damage. Because the carpets
held in moisture off and on the floors did get some rot from the
inside out. as did the trunk too. Fixable ? sure...

but you need know
and check out all the pics below. Some people just may want this as
a parts car, some would say Save it and restore it. It could easily go
either way. Paint also is dry and flat, as are the tires. I can put some
thing on it to help it at least roll and make it easier to move.
Does come with keys so the steering wheel wont be locked
But Ive not tried to start it, really no point.
Excellent Investment / Clean Clear Arizona TitleIf you have under 10 feedbacks, Ill be emailing you if you bid to
make sure you are legit, if we do please reply or we will cancel your bid.
Up for Auction: I wont end it early, sorry.
DRIVETRAIN: under the hood is the original Benz
V8 engine and drivetrain. Looks like some packrats made
some nest over the yrs, but really the wiring isnt totally
gone etc. Most of it looks okay. It did run fine when parked
about 10 yrs ago. Motor and trans both. To bring it back to
life would would need the gas tank cleaned, fuel pumps etc
Im sure. But little to nothing really looks to be gone or
missing under the hood.
INTERIOR: take a look at pics its mostly complete, but again
it took some beating due to some glass broken over the yrs.
We dont get alot of rain, but enough to make due damage here
too. Will need lots of work or could use for parts. Ive not taken
the top off at all to see what shape the convertible top is in .
Doors work fine.
SEE ALL 100+ PICS below
EXTERIOR:you are looking at some cool period correct
stuff from the 80s. Original 16" Centra rims (will need re-chroming)
a true Zender 6 pcs body kit, and some Eurospec German flush
headlights. It has great bumpers, but they look to be US versions.
Still great doors, hood, trunk and fenders. Didnt see any signs of
rot or rust there. CA/AZ car makes a huge diff. Broken side glass
and windshield yes.SEE PICS AND VIDEO !!
SUSPENSION:the suspension looks pretty much like the way
it came from the factory and complete other then it does
look some lowering springs where installed, and they look
dk grey, which Eibach was known for. Rest of it all looks
pretty clean and stock.
Shows about 63k miles on the odometer.
Not sure if its rolled over or not.
If you where to buy some core Centras, a used Zender
kit, and Euro headlights alone, you know what it
would cost u, ..if you can even find the stuff.
Heres your chance to get it all and then some more !
Check out ALL 100+ the pics below ----->it may take a full minute for them all to load ifyou have a slow connection, so be patient AND looks for the extra scrollbar on the right side.
Az gets maybe 12" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate. more infoAFTER the pics etc. There are 100+ large pics.
Probably The BEST represented Euro cars on Ebay.
Shows you all the good as well as any bad.
We put a lot of time and effort in marketing our cars.People wait months for a car this solid to come up for sale and even if you have to pay shipping to your area, it still beats paying a body shop to hopefully fix a rusty car for weeks.
Survivors are getting harder to find !
Also, if you buy a car thats been "restored", who knows what surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating. People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs are fast, for a quick buck and quality suffers.
Email us with ANY questions before you bid please
Our Impeccable FEEDBACK speaks for itself. We show you asmuch feasibly possible via pics.
Dont let auctions withlittle to no pics fool you.
If they cant take pics of areas under the car they are
selling, maybe its not the best car to buy long distance, and you really dont know what to expect
until you take the car apart. While we go over our carswith great pics to help making your decision easier.Along with ANY other questions you may have.
Email me for a quote for shipping.
Keep in mind, this is not a restored car !!
BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL from any angle :)
CAR should BE PICKED UP WITHIN 10-14 daysof auctions end
Unlessother arrangements have been made prior to
auctions end. We can help with shipping outside the
USA too if you need help.
It will ship as an INOP and Ill try to get some roller
tires on it this week, at least if it has to ship outside AZ
IF its only shipping to someone in AZ I WONT BE PUTTING
TIRES ON IT. This is NOT a restored or daily driver
car by any means, but at one time it was beautiful Im sure.
This car, youcan seeclearly whatto expect with no surprises and our Feedback speaks for itself !
IF you need a shipping quote, just email us with your city/state and Ill find out our best quote for you !!
No problem helping it to the docks if you are shipping overseas
If there is a winner, please CONTACT me when the auction ends
and say Hi and we can take it from there.
A great way to contact us is thru ebay - or below - or you
can email us for your PH #
([email protected]) no excuses, please.PAY IN FULL via Paypal, sure no problem, but we add our
3% service fee for the service. IF You have the ZELLE app
on your phone, you can send funds that way too.
Bank Wires work best too ! prompt esp if you are out of the country because they always seem to take longer then expected.
I bank with B of A which makes things easy for many out of
state for payment. direct depositor Cashier checks
If you wire the funds we must add a $50 fee that our bank charges us must clear before car can move. Its a sign of the times, sorry.
Must be paid in 3 days or less please.

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Item Information

Item ID: 250657
Sale price: $ 865
Car location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
Last update: 12.01.2022
Views: 7
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1978 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
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oSL-Class SL-Clasr SL-Clmass hSL-Class Sh-Class SL-Clasds SL-Cdass SLf-Class SSL-Class SL-Cldass dL-Class SL-Clgss SL-glass SL-Cluass zSL-Class SnL-Class SLbClass SLuClass SL-blass Sv-Class tL-Class SL-Clasl SL-Clacss SL-C.ass SiL-Class Sa-Class SL-xClass SfL-Class SL-qlass fSL-Class SL-Clasqs SL-Classw SL-Cqass SL-Classx SL-fClass SL-Class SL-Clasb Sb-Class SL-Clacs SLg-Class SLz-Class SL-Clascs SL-rlass SL-Claso SL-Csass SL-Classz SL-Cmlass SL-Clase nL-Class SL-0Class SL-Cldss SL-Clasas SL-Claqss SL-zClass SL-Clazss SL-Cllss SLh-Class SL-Clasws ySL-Class SLpClass SL-Clanss SL-Clkss SL-Clasrs SL-Ccass SL-Clasa cSL-Class Sq-Class SL-Cljss aSL-Class lSL-Class SL-yClass SL-Claxs SL-Clags gL-Class SL-Cl,ass SL-Clasus SLkClass SL-Colass SLj-Class SL-Clfss SL-Clasvs SLL-Class SL-Claszs SL-Clajss SL-Cilass mSL-Class SLdClass SL-Claoss SdL-Class SL-Clwss nSL-Class rL-Class SL-Chlass SL-Clasj SL-Cliass SL-Ckass SL-flass gSL-Class SL-Clasm SLcClass SL-Cwlass SLi-Class SuL-Class SL-Clrass SL-Clasz SL-Clapss SL-Claos SsL-Class SLxClass SL-Clmss SL-Cqlass mL-Class SgL-Class SLd-Class SL-Clans sL-Class

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