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1978 Pontiac Trans Am No EngineL 400ci W72, 4 Speed Project Roller, No Eng or Trans Manual Gasoline Coupe

Engine:No Engine
Model:Trans Am
Sub Model:400ci W72, 4 Speed Project Roller, No Eng or Trans
Interior Color:Black
Exterior Color:Black
Trim:400ci W72, 4 Speed Project Roller, No Eng or Trans
Vehicle Title:Clean
Options:Fisher T-Tops
Number of Cylinders:8
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Coupe
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW ADS >>>>>   

Seller Description

Restore A Muscle Car | eBay Template
ModelTrans Am
ColoRStarlight Black
Transmission typeWas a 4 Speed
EngineWas a W72 - 400ci V8
Vin00002W87Z8N[hidden information]
Vehicle Description
Stock Number: 1130Click Here To View High Res Photos On FlickrThis is Starlight Black with Black Deluxe Interior Trans AM with Fisher T-Tops. It was sold New at Danielson Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is definitely one of the more desirable '78 Trans AM's built. It is a reasonably solid car. This is a rolling project and the Engine and Transmission are not included. We found this just as you see it and never had the drive-line. It is important to pick a car to restore that will have a good end value. This is a very desirable configuration and will surely carry a better end value than the average Trans AM. Take a look at the High Resolution Photos and see if it is a project you would like to tackle. We have Pontiac Engines and Transmissions available at additional cost if needed.PHS Documented Trans AM
Odometer Shows 72,905 Miles
1978 Trans AM W72 - 4 Speed
W72 400ci - Pontiac V8 - (Not Included)
Borg Warner Super T-10 - (Not Included)
Posi - Limited Slip Rear Axle
3.42 Rear Axle Gear Ratio
Code 19N Black Deluxe Interior
Code 19L 19U Starlight Black Exterior
Full Factory Gauges with Tachometer & Clock
Factory Rally Steering Wheel
15x7 Snowflake Wheels
Soft-Ray Tinted Glass
Space Saver Spare & Jack
All items listed are for reference from the original factory invoice from Pontiac Historical ServicesFinancing Available - Low Rates We take TradesWe help make shipping easy - We can help you book quick and safe transport of your Newly Purchased Vehicle!We are always looking for Low Mileage, Original Condition Classic and Modern Muscle Cars. Send us a message with your contact information and the details of what you have to sell. One of our Purchasing Staff will get back to your promptly.We can also make selling your car fast, smooth and simple. Our consignment program is designed to get your car seen by the right people. We have the tools and know-how to turn your car into cash. Contact us for more details.
Seller Info
Restore a Muscle Car is a full blown restoration shop that specializes in classic auto restoration. Currently there are over 25 technicians working here on clients cars from all over the world. We are a one stop shop that can address every facet of auto restoration including drive line, interior, body/paint, wiring, etc. We not only restore vehicles back to stock but also build some of the Highest Performance Pro-Touring vehicles available anywhere. Upgrades can include, but are not limited to, fuel injection, adding AC Systems, Disc Brakes, Turbos, Super Chargers, Chassis and Suspension Upgrades, Mini-Tubs and Body Mods, etc. We are here to help with as little or as much as you need on your old or new car. Check out our feedback and eBay store for additional products and services! Bid to WIN! Please email or call us with all of your questions or picture needs.

We want you to be confident in knowing what you are purchasing. Be sure and look at the Hi-Resolution photos at the link provided.
We can help ship the car anywhere in the world. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges, but we can help pass along the wholesale rate we get for shipping to you! Bid to WIN! Please email or call us with all your questions or picture needs, so that you can bid to win! This car is for sale locally, so we reserve the right to end early!
Financing options
Terms of Sale
This vehicle is available for sale locally as well, so we reserve the right to end the auction early if needed. The purchaser is responsible for any transport fees, but we can help arrange an open or enclosed carrier to deliver the vehicle to your door at a wholesale rate as well. Vehicle is being sold AS IS with NO Warranty, required by law in the state of Nebraska. The $500 Deposit is non-refundable. Not every vehicle we sell is a restored vehicle. Options are listed for reference. Not every option is guaranteed functional and/or tested. Ask questions, do not make assumptions. We do our best to list vehicle as accurately as possible, but occasionally errors in descriptions can happen. We are not responsible for these error or omissions. If you are not sure about something, please ask and we will do our best to answer your questions. Local independent inspections are available for a fee. Information is available upon request.
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Please contact us if you have any questions via phone:
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Item Information

Item ID: 239189
Car location: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 4.11.2021
Views: 231
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1978 Pontiac Trans Am No EngineL 400ci W72, 4 Speed Project Roller, No Eng or Trans Manual Gasoline Coupe
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