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1979 Dodge D150 Used 318 CID V8L Automatic Gasoline Custom Standard Cab Pickup

$ 500

Engine:318 CID V8
Number of Cylinders:8
Sub Model:D150
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Interior Color:Blue
Exterior Color:Blue
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Standard Cab Pickup
Vehicle Title:Clean
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Clean, great driving fun vintage 2WD pickup. Just get in and go.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1979 Dodge
D150 Custom
VIN: D14JE9S[hidden information]
often asked where we find these clean, unique vehicles. One of my best friends cruises parking lots
of retirement homes, Elks clubs, our V.F.W. Hall and the small-town back
streets of rural areas near Seattle. He
can spot a seatbelt slammed in a door a mile away… He’ll notice when a nice old car or truck is
driving with a turn signal left on just a little too long and he positively
twitches with glee when a vehicle with metal bumpers passes by! Occasionally, we’ll get really lucky and find
one sitting there right under our noses.
That’s the case with this nice truck as it belonged to a neighbor right
near our place here in nearby Lynnwood. If you’re
in the market for a clean vintage pickup, please give this Dodge D150 4x2 your
kind attention. Feel free to contact me
with questions or to discuss a sale before the end of the Ebay auction
listing. My name is Mark and you can reach me directly by phone or
text at 206/[hidden information].
photos really tell the truck’s story. It has spent most of its life here
in the Great Pacific Northwest driving our fresh western Washington
roads. From the photos, you’ll see the
rig has obviously been well cared for over the years. We’ve found absolutely NOtitle issues involving major accidents, storm damage, insurance
salvage, theft recovery, repossession or any other nasty negatives to cause you
concern as the next caretaker!
take pride in our vehicles and feel you should know as much about them as
possible. Accordingly, here’s a list of the positives and any small things
needing attention: The overall exterior
is in overall good condition. The rig wears
the factory-color light blue metallic paint and has had a re-spray sometime in
the past. Rust? Please, this
classic Dodge HATES rust. There is evidence of some body filler and a
few spots around the right rear wheelwell and fender bottom, but you’ll be hard pressed to find major issues here
to worry about. Because we rarely get snow west of the Cascades in both
Washington and Oregon, our winter roads are rarely salted. Climb over, under and throughout this rig - I
know you’ll come up smiling!
turn of the key and the strong 318 cubic inch V-8 fires right up. There’s a nice throaty rumble to the exhaust
through the Flowmaster-type twin mufflers.
The 727 automatic transmission shifts just as it should with no slippage
or other issues. Power steering makes
driving easy and the front disk brakes stop the rig with no pulling or binding. All four 17-inch Eagle Alloy wheels are
wrapped with low profile radials with at least 50-60% remaining tread. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve
gotten a “thumbs up” pulling in at the gas station from a vintage truck
Please take another look at the interior pics. A short time ago the front
bench upholstery was redone with fabric inserts and blue piping. It’s in great
shape! At the same time the matching
insert material was used on the headliner.
I’m not sure if these are original carpets, but it’s pretty obvious
they’ve been protected with floor mats. About
the only negatives we’ve encountered are: The factory AM/FM stereo is still in
place but doesn’t come on and there’s a windshield crack on the passenger’s
side. There’s only 48.5K showing on the
5-digit odometer but you can figure it’s likely turned over at least once in
the last 40 years. That’s about it! If you’re thinking of bidding on a comparable
Chevy or Ford pickup of similar vintage, you really owe it to yourself to drive
and look this nice D150 over first!
Because of the amount of
money involved in buying a vehicle, we require that Ebay members with a
feedback history of five or fewer transactions call, text or email before
placing a bid. If I don’t have this initial contact, your
bid may be cancelled. As I’ve outlined
above, the phone number to talk directly to me is 206/[hidden information]. Please feel free to call any time during the auction. My name is MARK. You’re welcome and encouraged to
come by my Auburn, WA warehouse to inspect & drive the truck (a
professional inspection is fine, too).
You might also think about making an offer as many of my vehicles sell
to smart “early birds” that contact me and work out a deal prior to the
auction’s end. I always reserve the
right to sell during this period.
Few Additional Terms and Conditions:
payment is due by cash (in person only) a wire transfer or other certified
funds within seven business days unless prior arrangements have been made with
me. I can accept credit or debit
cards but will first need to invoice you and ask that the 3.5% fee our
processor (SQUARE) charges us be added.
Please remember you’re bidding to buy and I fully expect the winner to
fulfill their Ebay contract! You’re not
bidding to hold or then come inspect and test-drive the vehicle later -- You’re
more than welcome to do this before the auction ends.
Many of our past buyers from as far away as Alaska,
Arizona, the Midwest, Canada, Florida, New York and even the Mexican Baja have flown
in here to Seattle and then started a road trip home the same day. While I have every confidence, the truck
could handle a long-distance drive, it’s four decades years old and earned the right to do short sprints instead
of a full-blown marathon.
Information about 1979 Dodge D150 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the D150 Dodge Blue Custom 318 CID V8
Transport usually
equals (or is cheaper) when all the ancillary costs are added in (and no flat
tire to deal with in the middle of nowhere when shipping either). As a respected Ebay
seller with many satisfied online buyers, I want you to bid with
confidence knowing that this truck runs and drives out as it should AND that it
is being accurately represented to you!
Please don’t be upset if I miss a minor flaw or some issue comes
up. NO used vehicle is ever perfect.
If you decide to have theDodge shipped home,
there are numerous vehicle transportcompanies to choose from. While
delivery of the truck and company chosen are the responsibility of the BUYER,
I ship vehicles regularly and I have access to the nationwide Central
Dispatch system. I can check to see
what typical delivery costs have been to your area recently and then post a
transport offer at a fair price. We
usually then have a shipper lined up within a few days. The buyer then pays the transporter COD
when they arrive with the vehicle.
No upfront deposit or other hassles.
Thetruck can be
stored free of charge at my location for up to fourteen days after the auction
ends assuming full payment has been received.
After that period storage is $20 per day. The vehicle is being sold as-is, where-is,
with no physical warranty expressed or implied.
All information described above is based on the observed condition when
thelisting was placed. Please
don’t be upset by a missed flaw or some unforeseen problem! No vintage used car or truck is ever perfect.

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Item ID: 190655
Sale price: $ 500
Car location: Auburn, Washington, United States
Last update: 5.11.2020
Views: 13
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1979 Dodge D150 Used 318 CID V8L Automatic Gasoline Custom Standard Cab Pickup
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