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1980 Chevrolet Other Pickups

$ 7500

1980 Chevrolet Other Pickups for Sale
1980 Chevrolet Other Pickups for Sale1980 Chevrolet Other Pickups for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:Other Pickups
:“In Very Good Condition. Used by the owner to haul hay. He is a lifelong master mechanic.”


This is a 1986 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 10
28,000K miles on the odometer. I suspect it has turned over. 
The truck is seldomly used. In the collection of a lifelong master mechanic. These are pictures from in his garage. The car is in great running condition. 
The paint scheme is has a perfect retro 80s look. With horse silhouettes. 
Frame is in good shape. Surface rust only. 
Automatic Transmission
We will accept wire for payment as well. 
I am selling this for the owner. 
We are accepting reasonable offers. We will end the auction early for an appropriate offer. 
Viewing of the car is possible. Please contact me to coordinate. 
Thank you for shopping with Appalachian Antiques. 

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Sale price: $ 7500
Car location: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, United States
Last update: 11.02.2019
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1980 Chevrolet Other Pickups
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