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1980 Harley-Davidson Other

$ 12000

1980 Harley-Davidson Other for Sale
1980 Harley-Davidson Other for Sale1980 Harley-Davidson Other for Sale
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Here we have a custom made bobber. Ive had this bike for over twelve years. I built it myself and over the years I learned the ins and outs of shovelheads. This bike solves the vast majority of shovelhead problems. It is sorted and ready to ride. Its registered as a 1980 Harley and comes with a ton of spare parts. Theres even another frame if you want it. 

Im not open to offers or trades. If you want to ride it bring cash. Yes I have a verified PayPal address, no I won't take paypal. Your long lost cousin will have to live another day without my bike. Aint nobody got time for that. Cash in person or international wire transfer.I will post a video in the next few days. 

1980 Shovelhead.

93" S&S high performance engine.
Dual plug S&S heads
All S&S internals
4 speed ratchet top Transmission with Andrews gears and splined evo style output shaft
Baker TTP solid billet primary with diaphragm softail style clutch. Guys who know shovels will know why this part is so important. It solves the shitty shovelhead clutch and primary problems. Short of a nuclear blast its indestructible.
Allballs 1.4K softail style starter. Again this is a major week area with shovels and this solves it. 
Fab Kevin brass knuckle kicker.
Fab Kevin seat hinge
FX style frame with a Fab Kevin hardtail kit.
Ribbed fenders and tank.
Blue metal flake tins with black frame. 
LED lights and signals
Foot clutch hand shift. The only way to ride a shovel. If it doesn't have a hand shift it might as well be an automatic.
Crystal door knob shifter. Old timers will remember these. 
Sporty tank mounted frisco style with relocated mooneyes knock off filler. 

I could go on but the bike really needs to be seen to take in all the special details of a bike that's been build over twelve years.

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Sale price: $ 12000
Motorcycle location: Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
Last update: 18.05.2019
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1980 Harley-Davidson Other
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