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1980 Honda CB

$ 999

Vehicle Title:Clear


I have a motorcycle side car for sale. Fits the 1979 and 1980 Honda CBX. (and possibly other similar Japanese bikes of the era)This listing DOES NOT include the CBX... ONLY THE SIDE CAR... pictures show the bike for illustration purposes only.(the 1980 CBX is in mint condition with 5k original miles and will be for sale soon under a separate listing)Side car is in excellent condition... used very little. The sidecar was purchased by the original owner of the 1980 CBX, and the CBX only has 5k miles... therefore the mileage on the side car is very low.The paint on the side car matches the Honda Candy Glory Red, but up close you can see the paint is checked and cracking... still looks nice from a distance.Side car mounts easily to four points on the motorcycle... no modifications are required to the bike to mount the side car.  All mounting parts are included. Please note, there is NO TITLE for the side car.Rare opportunity to purchase a side car for one of the most desirable and collectible Japanese bikes.Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.Please check my feedback and bid with confidence.Please take a look at the pictures and contact me if you have any questions. call or text [hidden information]Thank you for looking!

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Sale price: $ 999
Motorcycle location: Pleasant Hill, California, United States
Last update: 25.07.2018
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1980 Honda CB
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