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1980 Honda XR80 Used 80L

Sub Model (Optional):XR
Exterior Color:Red
Engine Size (cc):80
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“These bikes are used with typical dings,scraches,etc. No titles. The YZ80 sat for over a year but was ran dry. It fired up with a shot of starting fluid. The Honda runs but could use a tune up it seems to bog a bit. May just need fresh gas and a plug?? Shifts fine.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

These bikes are pretty much complete and unmolested. The Honda has one tab on left side cover that was repaired. Runs decent as mentioned above. Original kill switches on both machines. Inside of Honda tank looks super clean. Inside of YZ tank has some light surface rust. Chrome on both machines should clean up well. Forks very clean. The YZ has a new seat cover that needs to be finished fastening to pan.Tanks on both bikes have typical dings and scratches. I have a xtra tank that is super nice for the XR I will offer to buyer as a option @125 dollars. Both exhaust pipes also very nice shape. Clean them up and use them as they are,Or restore them. Located on north east side of metro detroit. I will separate them. Pay-pal is fine for full payment. Bikes are in my storage unit. Can store for a month if needed.IF YOU WANT TO BUY ONE OR BOTH CONTACT ME/ BIKES ARE FOR SALE LOCALLY SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED

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Item Information

Item ID: 154735
Motorcycle location: Clinton Township, Michigan, United States
Last update: 11.05.2020
Views: 136
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1980 Honda XR80 Used 80L
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