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1980 Suzuki TS185 Used

Sub Model (Optional):ER185
Exterior Color:Blue
Vehicle Title:Clear
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Ready for a new home. This bike is an amazing time capsule. It was purchased new in 1980 and spent the last 39 years running down the road in Breckinridge, Colorado to the mail box by the original owner. I do not know how many actual miles are on it but you can tell it has very few hours when you ride it.The seat foam doesn't even feel broken in (but the prior lady owner was a small person). The light bulbs literally have zero hours. The day they bought it, they had the dealer take everything off that wasn’t necessary (horn, lights, gauges, blinkers, mirrors etc.) and put it in a box for safe keeping. Colorado’s' dry climate preserved these in NOS condition and the rest of the bike as well. I don’t think this was ever in the rain and definitely not mud. I put everything back on and everything works like new and she starts right up as fuel stabilizer was used all of the time by the prior owner. The Speedometer had 16 miles on it when I installed it but now it has 90 (test rides :) . I cleaned the carb (though it didn’t need it) and you can see the spotless condition of the interior of the tank too. The seat cover had one small rip but the foam was pristine and dry... new seat cover and NOS grips installed and it feels just like its 1980! There is one small dent where something fell on it years ago on the tank (right of the fill cap in pics) that I am sure is an easy fix with paintless dent repair but I left it. ALL lights, horn and signals work as they should, new battery, tires are newer, and I installed a NOS rack on the back too. I am a fanatic for originality and this passes my test. The engine is tight and powerful, starts easy, no unusual rattles and the transmission/clutch and brakes feel like a 2018 bike. No disappointments on this one. Never titled as it was used as a 'trail bike' on the road to the mailbox, sold with bill of sale only. NOTE THAT EBAY MAKES ME SELECT A TITLE STATUS AND THERE IS NO OPTION FOR NEVER BEEN TITLED.. Please note the license plate bracket still has the backing support for Euro/UK plates too. Would easily pass UK MOT from what I can tell because its completely back to how it left the factory.
I have a 100 percent satisfaction rating on Ebay after many many years. I have sold vehicles and motorcycles and parts to many states and foreign countries too.Can help (maybe even deliver) with shipping or lets discuss your needs for getting the bike to you.
Not sure why the pics seem to show dust or marks on the chrome and painted surfaces.. camera perhaps More pics, video or info upon request. Please ask questions (or come see it in person if your in the Denver, Colorado area) because I want you to be totally satisfied with this amazing bike. I tried to describe this with infoI would wantif I was on the other end of this transaction but please, ask questions so we have a good experience. Thank youRick
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Item Information

Item ID: 138214
Motorcycle location: Littleton, Colorado, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 12.12.2019
Views: 134
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1980 Suzuki TS185 Used
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