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1980 Yamaha YZ465 Outstanding Condition

Date of Manufacture:19800100
For sale by:Private seller
Type:Motorcross (Off-Road)
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Bike is located Cowra nsw 2794. Please call first if your interested, [hidden information], as the bike is listed on other sites. Check availability first. 1980 Yamaha YZ465 G. This bike was an older resto when I got it a few years ago. Everything that could be renewed, or reused has been done to make it look new as possible, but very rideable. Not been riden for some time , been in dry storage on display, however, Easy to start , has decompressor button on the head. Outstanding condition, built to race or display, very fast bike. Motor is super strong, still like new, so much compression, I can't kick start it without the decompressor. Has full PFR expansion chamber and muffler, sounds fantastic.Tons of new parts mostly aftermarket quality stuff.
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New fasteners all over, new plastics, gas tank has never had fuel in it, new tap and cap, decals. Cables, levers and bars, chain and sprockets, chain rollers and sliders, new carby, fork seals and oil. Pirelli tyres in good condition. Nothing to spend, ready to win races, or keep for investment. Everything has been done. Very regretful sale, but some things are more important than others in life. As you know these don't come up for sale very often, especially in this awesome condition.Bike is located near Cowra nsw 2794. Bank deposit or cash on pick up preferred. No swaps. Cash only.

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Item Information

Item ID: 124433
Motorcycle location: Cowra, NSW, Australia
Last update: 9.06.2019
Views: 294
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1980 Yamaha YZ465 Outstanding Condition
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