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1981 Bmw R-Series Used

$ 5000

Vehicle Title:Clear
:“Survivor in mostly orginal condition. Ready to enjoy as is, or build up your RTW adventure bike.”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Selling a 1981 BMW R80G/S motorcycle.
Mostly original, so it does show some patina, mostly on the tank and crash bars. The tank has a few dings and chips that have been touched up, as does the front fender. Tank and fender roundels are yellowing and cracked. Some fading on the tank decals. Muffler has some flaking of chrome on the backside. Also has a boot burn mark on the muffler that I'm confident some elbow grease would rectify.
Information about 1981 Bmw R-Series for sale on this page. See price and photos of the R-Series Bmw
Crash bars have paint scrapes. All in all, it looks pretty good for a 40 year old bike. Study the photos closely as they are part of the description.
Odyssey battery.Rebuilt carburetors. Ultrasonic cleaned and new gaskets, diaphragms and o-rings installed, including throttle shaft seals with new screws.Valves adjusted. Carbs tuned and synchronized.New fuel line.Rebuilt master cylinder and front caliper.New brake rotor.New stainless brake hose and brake pads.Rare tachometer option.New reproduction peanut valve covers (original covers included).Brand new Kenda tires and tubes.
Shows 29k miles on the odometer.
Everything works as it should. All lights, switches, and horn work. Clutch action is smooth. Transmission clicks in to all gears nicely. Engine is smooth and pulls well. A pleasure to ride.
Vehicles in Alberta do not have titles. The vehicle is Alberta registered in the seller's name, and registration slip will be included with bill of sale.
Not pictured but included: bmw hard luggage and racks, solo seat and rack, large windshield, original valve covers.

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Item Information

Item ID: 192067
Sale price: $ 5000
Motorcycle location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Last update: 11.11.2020
Views: 15
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1981 Bmw R-Series Used
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