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1981 Honda Gl 500 For Sale

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Seller Description

1981 Honda Gl500 "Itslow" Chopper/Bobber/RatMotor updated with "Quadruple Bypass" New updated water pump and ceramic seal. Starter clutch spring. New alt stator and clutch plates and springs. New battery from Batteries Plus. Carb professionally rebuilt by "Larry". All seals replaced. New Dunlops front and rear. New fork seals and front brakes. La Rosa seat and springs. LED tail light. Uses all OEM electricial parts, regulator, pick ups ect, still available. Rear monoshock replaced with lowered strut. Handmade dual exhaust with crossover and baffels. T window bars. Custom dash with water temp and oil pressure gauges.Tank fender and sheet metal machined and clear coated with 2K. Runs and rides as it should. "Itslow" is part Chopper, part Bobber, part Rat, a true one of a kind. Water cooled and shaft drive. I built it for scootin around town. Currently registered with a clean title. $2700 Price has dropped!!!! Again!!Will help load. My zip is 85013

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Item Information

Item ID: 254782
Motorcycle location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Last update: 5.02.2022
Views: 12
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1981 Honda Gl 500
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