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1981 Yamaha DT175 Used 175L

Exterior Color:Red
Engine Size (cc):175
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

GOOD NEWS, buyer did not follow through with sale so you have a second chance to pick up this amazing one of a kind motorcycle!!
This 1981 Yamaha DT 175 has 960 original miles. It is in remarkable condition. It is running premix fuel but the oil tank is still on the bike. I have replaced the tires, tubes and rim tape with original looking tires. It needsa new battery, the needle and seat replaced, which I will include and some work on the lights.
Here is the info I was given by the previous owner who is a professional motorcycle builder:Completely disassembled the engine and reassembled it, checking to make sure all components were in good condition.
Information about 1981 Yamaha DT175 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the DT175 Yamaha Red
I replaced the piston with a 1st over Yamaha piston. The bike is running premix to make sure the engine is completely lubricated. A stock model is about 15 hp, this one is app 20 hp. This is an incredibly strong running bike. The engine modifications: Professionally ported cylinder, reworked milled head, oversized reed block(Yamaha Banshee) 26mm Mikuni carburetor (looks stock, 2mm larger) modified exhaust for more rpm’s, modified silencer more free flowing exhaust.
Motorcycle is listed locally. I reserve the right to end auction early.

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Item Information

Item ID: 112069
Motorcycle location: Troy, Missouri, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 22.03.2019
Views: 293
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1981 Yamaha DT175 Used 175L
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