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1981 Yamaha Other

$ 500

1981 Yamaha Other for Sale
1981 Yamaha Other for Sale1981 Yamaha Other for Sale
Engine Size (cc):250
Vehicle Title:Clear


Ill try to describe the bike in as much detail as I can.Got the bike 2 years ago.I raced this bike 3 times and rode it maybe 5 other times after the following things:Good Stuff:The rear Shock was rebuilt with racetech seal head.Boysen Reeds and Jetted pretty well to match. DG silencerNew tires (like i said now have a race or 2 on them)Yes thats a YZ tank but it doesnt leak.The side panels and rear fender are new DC plasticsBars are Renthal Vintage/desert Bend.Seat was Recovered
The Not so Goods:I never took even took the head off or the cylinder I have no idea what the condition of the bore is it starts easy and runs good.Previous owner or someone down the line Welded the shifter to the shaft.The original cable holder for the clutch is broken and has that piece of tin to hold it in place. (worked ok for me)I replaced the fork seals but both are leaking again.the Head pipe does leak around the head when its cold but minimizes as it warms up ( could jsut need lined up better.Front number plate and front fender have been painted, seem original, however front fender is cracked.Kicker flops arondNo title Ebay made me select an option. Ill give you a Bill of sale. 
Thats all I really know about the bike.Got me 2 2nd place finishes in open intermediate class in AHRMA cross country races Feel free to ask me questions ESPECIALLY before Bidding.

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Sale price: $ 500
Motorcycle location: Smithmill, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 31.12.2018
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1981 Yamaha Other
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