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1982 Harley-Davidson Other

$ 4000

Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear


This will get you as much attention as just about any bike on earth.   1982 Flh, 2 owners and the last one had it 30 years!!! He’s almost 80 so he wasn’t using the bike very much.  Bike has 20k miles but 2 years ago it was taken to a dealership in Albany ny to a very compentent mechanic.  Entire engine was overhauled and no expense was spared.   I have 3500 in receipts that come with the bike.   Nothing was changed, all stock original Harley parts were put back in.  No leaks, no noises, starts, drives like a new bike from 1982.  WATCH IT RUN: of chrome, lights, radio, everything works too.  Get on and go anywhere on this bike, it needs NOTHING.  Original paint is in exceptional condition as is all the chrome.  If the new owner spent some time with chrome cleaner this thing would shine like a diamond in your sisters azz.  Clear title.   Any questions feel free to ask 
I accept all forms of payment and possibly other motorcycle trades, up or down.   Please NO PayPal for entire payment.  The fees are totally ridiculous.  

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Sale price: $ 4000
Motorcycle location: Rollinsford, New Hampshire, United States
Last update: 7.11.2018
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1982 Harley-Davidson Other
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