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1984 Chevrolet Other Pickups

$ 5000

1984 Chevrolet Other Pickups for Sale
1984 Chevrolet Other Pickups for Sale1984 Chevrolet Other Pickups for Sale
Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:Other Pickups


First off, the mileage on the truck is correct, it's not a rollover or a rebuild. The truck has been sitting in our barn since 2012 (When I got the truck from the original owner).

The truck: 350 4-barrel; turbo 400 transmission; 3.42 rear end, 4x4, factory a/c, tilt steering wheel, manual windows, manual locks, sliding rear window, factory am/fm cassette player, original spare tire/wheel, original tow mirrors, comes with original floor mats (not pictured), does have 4th hub cap that is currently off the rear driver side in photo. The bed itself does not have a ding in the stampings at all (sorry for the stuff in the back). The truck does run and drive but would be best to trailer from the site. Again what you see is what you get, everything is original on the truck except the paint job. The first owner had the whole truck repainted in 1998 with factory blue. I will update the hazy picture of the sticker with the model information and will also load a picture of the original title that I also have in my possession.

History on the truck:
        A friend of ours was a tool and die inspector for GM. He bought this truck to pull an airstream camper to Michigan once a year for vacation with his wife. His health declined a few years later and the truck sat in his driveway until 2012 (hence the cracked dash and seat upholstery) whereby I did some work on his house in trade for the truck. As you can see, the seat would need to be reupholstered and the clear coat is coming off the paint, also there is "sun cracks" in the dash board. I don't need to sell the truck, therefore, I'm not going to give this truck away. I have yet to see an original truck with this low of mileage. I understand it may not be as "clean" as some, but this truck does have sentimental value to me so I will not take low ball offers.

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Sale price: $ 5000
Car location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Last update: 23.05.2018
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1984 Chevrolet Other Pickups
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