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1984 Harley-davidson SIDECAR RACER New

$ 2550

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Seller Description

Up for auction is a one of a kind, 1984 Harley Davidson 1000cc vintage sidecar racer! Bob Bakker, of Bakker Racing, personally built this beast with his own two hands! Before I go into any further detail on the build, I’d like to talk about Bob for a minute. ...i feel provenance is important, so bare with me!
Bob is one of those amazing people you probably have not have heard of, but he has been right there, elbow to elbow, working with motorcycle legends for almost 65 years! Bob has been handbuilding and racing sidecar racer motorcycles since the mid 1950’s and built his first racer from scratch in 1958. His lovely wife Linda raced with Bob from 1[hidden information] (see pics)…she was the “monkey” hanging off the sidecar…but don’t call her that or you’ll regret it! Bob currently has 2 builds owned by the famous Barber Museum: a 1989 Sidecar Suzuki 1000cc landspeed Streamliner that was clocked at 175mph, and a 1964 BSA A-65 Road Racer sidecar that he raced back in the early 1960’s. The American National Motorcycle Museum owns his last Bonneville record attempt (2011) landspeed sidecar. A Turbo Hiyabusa that hit 161mph. It is the current record holder for 1350cc gas blown sidecar class. Bob hung out with Bud Ekins in the 1950’s and 1960’s here in California. In 1966 he made a few visits to the Rickmann Brothers workshop in the UK. They wanted a dealer in the U.S., but since Bob was not a dealer, he turned his friend Bud onto the idea, and the rest is history! Bud Ekins sold Rickmann desert racers to Steve McQueen and other “movie types”…thanks exclusively to Bob.
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Bob also worked with Sonny Angel on both road racing and Bonneville speed efforts…sharing race ideas, and motel rooms! He helped Bob Hansen out on several road race events when Hansen was known as “The Green Meanie” while he worked with Kawasaki. Bob also has done some work for Jay Leno on frames by way of the late great Mike Parti. Both Bob and Bud Ekins worked together fixing up all the bikes Steve McQueen abused throughout his motorcycle career. He also did R&D for Tony Murphy of American Honda Motor Company in 1961, road testing their prototype CB72 250. Bob also set records at Bonneville, and at Irwindale 1/4 mile drag strip in the 1960’s. He raced the Hare and Hound races as well as the Catalina races until 1958…the last Catalina race. He also raced the Baja 500 as well as AMF and AHRMA race circuits.!
Now for the motorcycle: Bob built the entire chassis including the custom exhaust and the beefy leading link front suspension! 1984 4 speed 1000cc Ironhead motor equipped withS&S repop carb , Ultima Electronic Ignition system, and Barnett Scorpion clutch. The frame is a hand fabricatedsteel chassis using 0.85 mild steel 1 & 1 1/4 inch and 1" by 2" reg. tubing of .065 wall thickness. Braze welded using an in-line-fluxer and a special welding rod imported from Holland. (90,000 lb tensile strength) The build rolls on a 12 inch diameter front steel wheel, sidecar 12" alloy wheel and a 12" diameter alloy rear wheel. All wheels purchased from JBW (John Brown Wheels) UK. New Yokohamacompetition racing tires all around. Brakes are disc on the front and rear wheels, the front having 2 calipers controlled from the handlebars, the other controlled by the rear brake. All calipers are period AP Lockheed brand. The 12v engine ignition and fuel pump are a total loss set up. There is a voltmeter to display battery power. This racing sidecar comes with period correct sidecar nose cone and fender custom made for Bob by Kent at Air-Tech in Vista CA. There is a custom made engine oil cooler located in the sidecar nose cone! Kneeler trays and rear wheel glass made for Bob by Bill Becker of Becker Motor Works Victorville, CA. This rig is Vintage sidecar racing legal world wide! It is new except for some track testing and has about 3 miles on it. It was built by Bakker Motorsports in Gold Canyon Arizona USA who have been building racing sidecars for 60 plus years! Here’s your opportunity to own one of Bob’s handbuilt creations! Who knows how many more will ever be built…especially using the lost art of braze welding. I am lucky enough to own one of his early Honda Bonneville racers!! (pictured last) We can assist with loading locally, International and domestic shipping, but please remember…SHIPPING IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. (The rig is approx. 82" long and 60" wide) As this is a race bike and not meant for street use, a bill of sale will be provided. Please check out all pictures closely and ASK QUESTIONS! Feel free to contact me directly at the number listed below. Thank you for lookingCheers,Shannon SweeneySS CLASSICS MOTORCYCLES[hidden information]

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Item ID: 189837
Sale price: $ 2550
Motorcycle location: Fullerton, California, United States
Last update: 2.11.2020
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1984 Harley-davidson SIDECAR RACER New
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