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1985 Honda NS400r Used 400L

Exterior Color:Red/blue/white
Engine Size (cc):400
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):Rothmans
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:Sport Bike
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1985 Rothmans Honda NS400r. Very nice condition. Runs great.** 1509 original miles ** 2429 kilometersThis is not 100% OEM. The two main items that are not OEM include the 1.) bodywork. Brand new aftermarket bodywork (OEM bodywork included)2. Brand new Jim Lomas expansion chambers (OEM exhaust included).
Carbs ultrasonically cleaned, rebuilt and jetted. Also synced with Motion Pro carb balancer.When fitting the Lomas chambers I pulled the cylinders to inspect them. No issues and still see cross hatching in the Nikasil.New base and head gaskets and ATAC gaskets.New clutch (metal and friction plates)New chain/sprocketsNew air filterFresh antifreezeNew spark plugsNew rubber boots from air box to carbsRebuilt fuel peacockNew regulator rectifierTires are in great shapeEverything works like it should. No leaks at all.

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Item Information

Item ID: 84840
Motorcycle location: Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 29.09.2018
Views: 96
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1985 Honda NS400r Used 400L
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