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1985 Jaguar XJ-SC v12 Cabriolet, XJS XJSC 5.3 Auto

Body Type:Cabriolet
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Date of 1st Registration:19850101
:“Solid project car requiring mainly cosmetic finishing to complete”
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1985 Jaguar XJSC Cabriolet 5.3 V12 Auto Aussie Delivered
1 of ~5000 Cabriolets made, in very solid condition, just had a replacement gearbox fitted and runs and drives very well.
Body is very straight and rust free with only a couple of small (smaller than 5c coin) bubbles at either side of boot lid and bottom of front doors.
Interior is in excellent condition with freshly recovered front seats trimmed in proper leather not vinyl. Dash has been reskinned and is immaculate, completely free of cracks and the wood is all in excellent condition.
Roof is also in very good condition, rear screen would benefit from a plastic polish and needs new latch brackets in order to fully close.
Paint on the car is however poor, looks worse in the metal than it does in pictures. Clearcoat has gone on the boot, tops of doors, front wings and bonnet.
Could do with a new set of spark plugs and potentially injector clean to smooth out the idle, was sitting a while and fuel went stale. Tank has been drained and new fuel and filter put in but the plugs were quite fouled when I pulled a couple.
All in all it's a fantastic project for someone with the time and inclination to finish it off and have a very desirable rare car at the end. I have too many other projects on the go and the eternal issue of not enough space so unfortunately accepting reality that I should sell a couple.
Includes original books, Aussie delivered, some service history but laid up in recent years. Also has rear 1/4 window seals included that were custom made as current ones dried out.
Car is located in Dandenong 3175, can be inspected by genuine buyers by arrangement. Happy to make it available for pickup for interstate buyers, you can get transport quotes from Prixcar or CEVA for costs (or indeed transport co of your choice).
Will need work and finishing for rwc and registration (no rego or rwc included), but a great car that's most of the way there.
Information about Jaguar XJS for sale on this page. See price and photos of the XJS Jaguar

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Item Information

Item ID: 138568
Car location: Dandenong, VIC, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.12.2019
Views: 34
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1985 Jaguar XJ-SC v12 Cabriolet, XJS XJSC 5.3 Auto
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