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1985 Toyota 4Runner Used 5 Speed Manual SUV 22REL Gasoline

Transmission:5 Speed Manual
Body Type:SUV
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Vehicle Title:Clear
Drive Type:4WD
Options:4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Convertible
Power Options:Air Conditioning
Exterior Color:Red
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Tan
Number of Cylinders:4
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1985 4-Runner, Fuel Injected, with
Marlin Crawler drive train and Matching Trailer.
This is not a project, it is ready to be used as designed.
·Runs and drives well on and off road. Drives well at highway speeds·Has no rust, AZ and Cal truck·Has cold AC·Over 23K in receipts (have all receipts)·Only OEM parts used when available·All custom work done professionally·Owned and maintained by Toyota Master Technician.·Custom removable tube doors and hinges from 4x Innovations and comes with original doors.·Soft Top from SofTopper, can be rolled up for upper shade only, and can be folded back into carry case, full convertible, and includes original hard top.·Trailer professionally built from a Toyota Pickup bed, with a true trailer axle, and sway bar. Has custom Jerry can holders on the front of the trailer (jerry cans not included).Suspension and Drive Train·MCTM-1W56A HD V6 5spd Transmission built by Marlin Crawler INC·MCTC-141 21 spline Dual Transfer Case Ultimate Kit with a 2.28-1 ratio in the front box, and 4.7-1 ratio in the second. Has a total of 20 forward gears, 4 reverse, and lowest gear is 500-1 ratio.·Complete Chromoly front axle and knuckle kit from Marlin Crawler·Front and Rear Axle Trussed, with High-Pinion V6 front carrier, and V6 Turbo rear carrier. Built by JC Fab and Design with 5.29 Yukon gears and Detroit lockers.
Information about 1985 Toyota 4Runner for sale on this page. See price and photos of the 4Runner Toyota Red 22RE
·Custom front and rear Drive Shafts built by Simmons Automotive.·Warn Premium M8000 winch·Late model steering gear box and required modifications for installation, Forged High-Steer steering kit, 23mm tie rods and steering linkages, U-bolt flip kits front and rear, and High Hoop shock mounts, and rock sliders by All-Pro Off-Road·Front springs are the original springs from the rear, and rear springs are 62" Chevy springs. Front springs are moved 1.5" forward·Bilstein Shocks·Front fenders and spring shackles by Downey Off-RoadEngine·62,000 miles on prof. built 22re short block by Platinum Auto Repair, Toyota and Lexus Specialists.·Less than 10,000 miles on Street RV head from Engine Parts Network (ENGNBLDR.COM), with oversized SS Valves, and upgraded valve springs.·Late-model Fuel Injection intake and throttle body·EPN HP272-110 Cam·LC Engineering Street Header·Aluminum Radiator·Black Magic #674 electric cooling fan with controls·New Mass Air Flow MeterLoose Parts·Complete Dual Battery set up, including battery tray, harness, and Isolator, minus battery·Extra new Alternator·Original fan, shroud, and hardware·Original Exhaust Manifold and Intake Manifold·HL-605 High-Lift Jack·30" Nitrogen bottle with 30' air hose·Power InverterOther Information·Tires about 80% tread·Interior has imperfections but in overall good condition.·The paint is in overall good condition, but has some variations in color, and trailer is not an exact match. The rig has been on the trail several times, and has several dings here and there, and many touched-up rock chips. There is a small dent beneath one of the Marlin Crawler stickers, and the trailer has a couple small dents in the body.
Vehicle is for sale locally, and seller may end auction at any time. For questions or further photos, text or call [hidden information]
jeep, sxs, side by side, trail, rubicon, land cruiser, fj40, fj, tacoma, atv, rail, rock crawler, 4x4, four wheel drive, hunting, expedition

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Item Information

Item ID: 115711
Car location: Hereford, Arizona, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.04.2019
Views: 333
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1985 Toyota 4Runner Used 5 Speed Manual SUV 22REL Gasoline
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