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1985 Yamaha Other Used 1200L

Engine Size (cc):1200
Exterior Color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:Muscle bike
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Please. Very busy getting ready to move and Unable to do emails or text in a timely fashion so please inquire. [hidden information] Thank
you, Jim.This IS The First Year Yamaha Produced The Generation 1 1200cc
Vmax!!!The bike has $4000+ in modifications alone. As a mechanic by
trade I did all the work myself. Besides my passion for this bike I drag
raced it ONCE, A Grudge race and to be on TV.
Information about 1985 Yamaha Other for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Other Yamaha Red
Pink's (Drag racing TV
show) 1320X event at Lebanon Valley back in 06. It has a co2 air shifter
system kit with MPS adjustable engine kill , Stage 7 carb kit with cone
filters, Kerker full Racing exhaust system done by PCW Racing,( I am told that the bike sounds like a Hot Rod with headers and expect to see a car not a bike coming down the street:) so yes, its very loud, dynatek
adjustable ignition for the 50 shot HP NOS,( I also have a NEW fuel pump for the NOS system to be put on Made In Japan) custom 17 front and rear
wheels with "wide rims",shift lite,custm tail and smaller signal lites,
custom seat cover & paint job, progressive front springs,pingel
wheelie bars used ONCE, 20lb filler tank of NOS ( I only ever ran 2-4 pounds so 15 pounds + of NOS in the 20 pound tank), clear view and powder
coated engine side covers,engine guards,sissy bar, Barnett clutch
pressure plate,oil filter modification adapter to accept external oil
filter, Bandit temp switch for cooling fan, and Much MORE as shown in pics...ONLY 22000 miles on it! 6-8
Dunlop race track tires go with it. The bike has as good a compression as it did
new!!! As an auto tech the Carburetors I recommend a good cleaning whereas the bike has been garaged and setting and not ridden due to I fractured my spine 2 winters ago skiing!!! As a classic vintage 35 year old bike is Yamaha's Generation 1 is a true MUSCLE Bike!!! Title not needed after 15 + years and is Free and clear of liens!!! Reason
for selling is moving in with family in Kauai Hawaii and no place to
ride a bike like this there and at 61 years young I need to slow down
LOL!!! I NEVER planned on selling this bike, EVER, obviously with all
the mods and heart and sole I put into this bike!!! I will certainly be
sad to see this bike I have owned 35 years go, but just like a pet, must
go to a good home :):):) CASH DEAL where any/ALL checks take 5+ days to clear if not longer with all the chaos going on in this country unless it is a CERTIFIED BANK CHECK OR FEDERAL MONEY ORDERS...sorry but somebody already tried to scam me for $11,050.00 on Cycle trader with fake paypal emails and the works so no offense but for this kind of money I take No Chances...

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Item Information

Item ID: 165800
Motorcycle location: Bennington, Vermont, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 29.06.2020
Views: 27
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1985 Yamaha Other Used 1200L
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